Small Magnifying Glass + Anvil bugs


I’ve been using my Magnifying Glass to check my Bronze Anvil’s remaining durability every now and then and noticed a couple of things I think are bugs.

The first thing I noticed is that when you have items on the top of the anvil (specifically, I tested with Electrum Plates) and use the Magnifying Glass on the side of the Anvil, it tells you the remaining durabilty left on the anvil as usual, but also balances the items on top of the Anvil across its two input slots (which would be normal and expected behavior for the anvil if I wasn’t using an item that interacts with it in a special way).

The other thing that I noticed is that it doesn’t play the villager sound effect (the “Hmm…” sound effect) like it does when you use it on other things.


shit i forgot a “return 1;” in the Magnifying Glass portion of the Anvil Tool Reaction Code.