Silver nitrate loop

It seems that I made this suggestion three years ago. At that time, it had been added to the todo list, and then there was no following…
In reality, nitric acid is indeed used to leach silver from silver bearing ores. In the game, can added silver in purified silver bearing ores (bromargyrite, galena, etc.) can also be leached like sulfuric acid leaching vitriols. Silver can be used to manufacture a large number of signalum, lasers of lategame crystal processors, or make a large number of amber gold to crafting long distance logistics pipelines.
Dissolving silver with nitric acid will produce silver nitrate, nitrogen oxides and water. Whether nitrogen monoxide or nitrogen dioxide is produced depends on the concentration of nitric acid. The concentration of nitric acid varies in different silver leaching processes, but pure nitric acid is the default in GT.
As for how to turn silver nitrate into silver and how to recover nitric acid, there are many methods. One commonly used in industry (which is also more convenient in the game) is to reduce silver nitrate with copper:
Then electrolytic copper nitrate solution to obtain copper and nitric acid. In some areas with strict nitric acid control, some students make nitric acid by themselves (because copper nitrate is usually less strictly controlled). Of course, direct electrolysis of silver nitrate solution is also possible.
In addition, there are a large variety of methods, such as adding ammonia water to react into silver ammonia solution, reacting with hydrochloric acid to precipitate into silver chloride, precipitating into silver sulfide with ammonium sulfide and then hydrogenation reduction, and even directly heating silver nitrate to decompose it. Most of these methods are for impurity removal, and some are not easy to operate in the game.