Sifting Table does not accept any item / Molten Mercury does not turn into Ingot in Mold

I have 2 bugs to report.

First one: Sifting Table does not accept any item, having items in hand to be sifted and right-clicking a top of the table with it.

Second one: Molten Mercury in Smelting Crucible does not turn into Ingot in Mold. Mold accepts the molten Mercury but it keeps itself molten.

Installed MODs are only 3: CodeChickenCore, GregTech 6 6.14.12, NotEnoughItems loaded by Minecraft Forge


What items are not working? It should only accept items that are siftable, are you sure the item-that-is-not-working is a siftable-on-table item?

Hmm, could indeed be a bug, and you’re sure the mold was full enough (if GT6 has a mercury ingot anyway, sounds like it would melt in-world, lol)?

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I need to correct. Some items seems to be siftable on Sifting Table like Gravel but not 9 Tiny Purified Ores(confirmed in Coal and Diamond). I can see a sifting recipe with 9 Tiny Purified Ores in NEI and the recipe still does not work. Sifting 9 Tiny Piles is not right-clicking the top of the table having 9 Tiny Piles of Ore in hand?

Yes I’m sure I have fulfilled Mold enough (Ingot Mold does not accept less than 1 unit of molten Metals).


Awesome thanks, greg should wake shortly then. :slight_smile:


For the Mercury, please compare the Outside Temperature with the melting Point.

Should the Biome you are in not have a sufficiently cold Temperature, you will need an electric Cooler to cool down the Mold further. This is the reason why the Mold will not prevent you from filling it with Mercury.

As for the Sifting Table, are you sure there is no other Item in its Input Slot? Something like, I dont know, 1 tiny purified Ore, that cant be sifted until 9 are present? For that Table it is a good idea to craft 9 Piles together into one big Pile, yes you can craft that (see its Tooltip).

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Thanks for advises!

I didn’t have an idea for outside temperature :sweat_smile: Using Electric Cooler molten Mercury turned into its Ingot form :slight_smile:

Yes no item should be in the Sifting Table. However combining 9 Tiny Piles of Ore into a Pile works on it like you said!
Here’s a clip that the brand new table has no item in it and 9 Tiny Piles are not accepted: ttps:// (Give h to the head of URL)