Sensors little suggestion

Sensors little suggestion

Actually i wondering why all sensors need to be broken by pickaxe instead of wrench.
First of all, that’s logical to get it like any other device by the wrench(enough technological isn’t it?), and secondary - no need to take pickaxe for some work around with pure GT constructions(free slot)
So its would be great to add possibility to take sensors by wrench, could save some time and kinda reasonably :slightly_smiling_face:


While i agree that a pickaxe shouldn’t be necessary, i disagree with the notion that one wouldn’t bring a pickaxe. There are many things that require some kind of pickaxe and since it’s a thermometer sensor i can only assume you have a crucible which also requires a pickaxe. As well as hot stuff that can put nearby blocks on fire so you are more likely to have stone rather than wood floor/walls/roof.

I think the thermometer sensor and sensors like it should be harvestable by hand/any tool in a quick manner. Anything redstone should be quickly harvestable by hand. Just not too quick to avoid mistakes.

While we are at it, i wouldn’t mind having configuration for thermometer sensors and any block that has configuration really, be configurable without the need of a screwdriver and the like. As that is equally as much a source of “ugh, i have to run and get…” tool.
Sure, a multitool could work for that purpose but one still has to read up on which tool is necessary.
Simply adding a “config panel” that you right click on everything configurable would be nicer.

But of course, these suggestions really only goes with mechaenetia.


Agree, just like tips and nozzles(and molds), things which frequently moved from place to place better to be easily removable, and this is not conflict with lore, cause we may imagine “proprietary slots” or “magnet connectors” to explain this stuff :upside_down_face:


Yeah Sensors should be made hand harvestable with the wrench being the faster alternative. I did not even think about it. XD


Glad you agree! Will eagerly awaits :}