Scrap Block does not stack well on Snow and similar

So I have a little place for some trash, and it looks kinda wierd right now.


And I think the way pebbles places itself in the world might be improved.

  1. Pebbles should remove layer of snow, if they were thrown on it
  2. Pebbles should stack on themselves just like snow layers can do it. Or they could be thick enough, so the second layer of pebbles on top didn’t float on air. Maybe full pebbles block would work like a solid block, or like quicksand.

My early base I threw pebbles off the side wall to plummet into the gorge below.

Later I had a lava pit, and only the non-burnable pebbles remained.

Now with an GT garbage can, pebbles are no match for my waste disposal prowess.


Well, I’ve actually reused them all to produce ~10 stacks of alumentum from thaumcraft. There is no garbage on my watch.


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