Russellite can't extracting properly?

As title suggest,I looking in the NEI for every source of tungsten

One of them is Russellite of course
But when I looking it further,it only can be put in the crucible for 4 tungstic acid nuggets

It also no way to get bismuth from it even there said it is source of bismuth.


i would also appreciate more sources of Bismuth, considering how it’s used in Bismuth Bronze (and also for cheesing NTM progression but shhhhh we don’t talk about that)


Peptol-Bismol, isn’t it a main ingredient in stomach medication?


well, more uses would be nice too. but considering how my only sources of Bismuth are a nuclear reactor, hard to locate small ores, and a rare bedrock vein… i dont think i’d have nearly enough to do anything meaningful with.

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