Robot Arms are too useless

The robot arm of GT6 can only be used to craft autocrafter, which is useless compared with GT5. It can’t be used as a cover to put items in the designated slot, like GT5, and I can’t think of anything that needs to be mass-produced with an autocrafter… I don’t know what it means to do this…
Maybe we should add the ability to use robotic arms as cover to put items in designated slots so that they won’t be so useless.
Maybe it can be used in nuclear reactor in the future…


Ah right forgot to add that functionality back to those Arms, thanks for the reminder.


I had a fear that the queued hoppers were supposed to replace this functionality, but using them that way requires dozens of extra blocks of free space for the red-stone logic, and even then you need to be really, really careful about how you handle running out of one input before another so as not to cause a jam. If designated slots are coming back eventually then that’s really good news.


Added their Functionality back.