[Resource Pack] Alternative Stone Layer For GT6

I made a Resource Pack that makes GT6 stone layer into muted colour. It includes new vanilla stone texture too. (I love original Textures of GT6 needless to say) I hope you’ll like it

1)you can use freely ofcourse
2)you can make a change freely
3)you can redistribute (whichever it has any changes or not) WITH the link of this topic
4)nnnaoko is not respondsible for any damage because of using this pack

Maroyaka.zip (771.2 KB)

I need your feedback, please leave comments
and sorry for my bad ‘Engrish’ (yes, im a Japanese lol)


I like that you’ve brightened black granite and basalt.
But you have desaturated red, green, yellow, pink and blue waaayy too much.


Thanks for using it!

I’ll try to make another one that have more variations of colour

I’m going to make the Resource Pack which contains some options e.g. “andesite.alt”, “greenschist.muted”…
So you’ll able to choose your favourite texture from those eventually

Anyway, thank you for your feedback, thank you…

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I’d kill to have black granite be a little less black. I can never tell if I’m looking at black granite or an abyss.


You know you can just go into GIMP and edit the Texture to be brighter? No need to kill. XD

What I would like to know is why Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone are so much brighter than every other shape?

Anyways, I did list this Texturepack-Post on the Download Page by the way. ^^

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I use GIMP to make my pack

Uhh, it need to be improved
It’s because I made stone and cobble texture in deferent way…

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