Residual temperature of pipe? Or a bug?


Today, I’m going to use a mixer to make alloy. As a result, when connecting the pipe, I accidentally let the molten metal into the wrong pipe. Fortunately, I successfully refilled the molten metal into the drum without causing waste. However, touch the pipe will still be injured after all the fluid is discharged, even if there is nothing inside. Is this a bug or a deliberate setup?


Is the pipe more than one tile long?
Because 1L of fluid will teleport around two or more pipe sections for a LOOONG time before they go into a drum.
Thus, touching said pipe will burn you as the fluid moves in and out about 20 times a second.

With 1L of liquid left in the pipes, using a magnifying glass has a 1/20 chance of actually seeing the liquid.


This might be old Info, this might not be old Info, but it should be much faster than “LOOONG time”

Yeah that is still correct, maybe I should display an average of all adjacent Pipes contents.

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Why not Zoidberg… Err… I mean why not both. “Contents (Avg over pipe: \d)”