Regarding Crucible fuel Fromula

Good day

I am copying down the Crucible Formula on the early game guide from the site for offline reference and I have a question regarding it.

Original Formula from Greg’s guide:

( (Weight-of-Items plus Weight-of-Crucible) multiplied with (Target Temperature minus Environment or Current Temperature) ) divided by (500000 times the Burning-Box-Efficiency in Percent)

When inserting the Burning-Box-Efficiency variable, does it have to be in decimal form (ex. 0.51 for 51% efficiency, or in percentage point form (51 for 51%)?



that depends on the calculator you are using, percent means 1/100th, so 50 * 1/100 = 1/2 = 0.5

however yeah the formula actually means x51 in your example, because I didnt want decimals… I really should fix that.