Redalloy wire behavior

Red alloy wire changed its behavior from 6.13.02

Left side : redstone dust setup
Right side : with red alloy wire.

What I expected is 2 drops when lever ON and nothing when lever OFF.
But from 6.13.02, red alloy wire accept redstone signal from Dropper and drops more when lever OFF.
Need to attach repeater panel as 1-way diode on dropper side.

Is this a bug or spec?


This one is super complicated, but it likely is Spec. This is why I did the Repeater as Diode Cover in the first place, so people dont receive Signals that way or loop their Inputs.

And I did fix another Bug around that time, so this might be the result of that Bugfix.

Did I mention that the Redstone System of Minecraft is utter garbage when it comes to implementation? You never know if a Redstone Dust receives power or sends it because it does both at once.

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Roger that.
Thanks for your answer.