Recording Discoveries

I wonder if it’s the right topic to post things like this?
Some tips might be useful and I will keep updating.(Self Use)
Notice that some or many tips might be common sense for old players.

1. Crucible hidden storage

smelting crucible has 64 units of hidden storage, which might affect your alloy making process when throwing more than 16 units of metal. matter in hidden storage will be imported into the crucible when there’s space.

For example, when making red alloy, you have 6 units of copper and 24 units of redstone, then you should add copper first. The crucible will put another 14 units of redstone into the hidden storage. After temperature rose to 1400K then the amount of matter in crucible will decrease(smelt into red alloy) and this will give space to redstone in the hidden storage. Repeating this process and finally you will get 6 units of red alloy.

2. Crucible “Washing” Ores

No iron in early game, and no method to separate 1 unit of stone out of crushed ores? Crucible itself is here to help! Just throw all the ores into the crucible and dig stone dusts out of it. Well, the only disadvantage is, it’ll be a little shovel-consuming. Also, I called it “Washing” because it won’t actually give you other ores by chance.

3. Avoid crucible damage

Put a trapdoor on the crucible, then you won’t receive damage even you contacted it. Also, a trapdoor can prevent unrelated items dropping into the crucible(Including water while raining).

4. [NOT SURE] Fluid Density Penalty

I had two bronze steam boilers with two bronze burning box(Liquid), importing steam into a single bronze steam turbine. when I put the turbine horizontally below these boilers, everything worked fine. But when I put ABOVE them, the turbine overloaded. I guess it’s because steam has 0.5 density basically moving up, so there should be some energy lost if you try to guide them downwards.

  1. It is not 64 Units of hidden Storage, it is literally just the last thrown in ItemStack that didnt get converted into Materials yet. Yes it has one Inventory Slot. Same goes for the Large Crucible too.

  2. Yeah… I kinda used that one myself to make certain Materials into Dust using the Mortar…

  3. I prefer putting Sideways/Upsidedown Slabs onto the Crucible, the Crucible Collision Box is slightly smaller than a full Block (like Cacti) so you wont get hurt unless you actually fall ontop of it or run into its own Box.

  4. Not a thing, what you stumbled upon is simply the Pipes not being perfectly coded when it comes to throughput… Try symmetric Setups to avoid this Issue.


I like these, keep them coming!


5. Journeymap Beacon Highlighter

Ores in basalt layers are extremely hard to identify, especially for chromite. One good way for solving this is creating a Journeymap waypoint, this will also create a beacon beam. Adjust its beacon color to white then you will find that basalt become not so dark anymore and ores are easy to distinguish.


Through Beam:


do NOT smelt materials with tooltip"flammable and explosive" in a crucible!


by the way, standing into the beam will also do the trick.


Unless they are also marked as meltable in my Code, which is the case for certain things that go into Alloys. Coal being the best example. :wink:

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6. Push/Pull in GT6

ports with “(Auto)” in tooltip will perform push/pull operations in GT6. Push means pushing items or fluid actively into adjacent storage/tank. Pull means pulling items/fluid actively from adjacent storage/tank. And vice versa, ports without “(auto)” will only accept push passively from other machine/storage. Typically speaking, drum, mass storage have push function, while OpenBlocks Tank and most vanilla block does not.

Though vanilla chests cannot push, a hopper can pull items out actively. However, i can’t find a hopper for liquid anywhere.


Use Monkey Wrench on Barrel or Drum and it will emit vertically.

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yeah i knew that. I mean, the openblocks tank cannot emit.


7.Separate Fluids Without Filter

Machine like centrifuge may emit two or more liquids, and it’s hard to separate them in the early game. However, Drums and Quadruple Fluid Pipe can make this job done in an elegant way.

First, put the quadruple pipe near the port to export all the fluids into the pipe.
Second, Connect drums with the pipes.
Finally, switch these drum’s position to fit your needs then open auto output of the drums by a monkey wrench.

Fluids Won’t go into a already filled tank, so as long as there’s still fluid in the tank, only the desired fluid will flow through the pipe.

Example: My miniature rubber processing line(from sticky resin)


R1. Install Botania!

Manasteel is the best material I’ve ever seen available in early game.


Steeleaf and Ironwood from Twilight Forest are good too, lol.

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Finally, I can make Level 3 tools without red/black granite.


Gem Tipped Steel Pickaxe would work for that too :wink:

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put lava in crucible to make 3 pickaxes, but usually my first step is 6 red/black granite rocks and surface basalt. Also i dont understand your 5th problem. surface basalt is for chromite in most cases
EDIT: chromium and cobalt 3 tier too


Wooden pipe makes a handy (and noisy) exhaust for co2 and and so2 gasses early on, when your drum is full.


Magnifying glass can identify rocks without picking it


I mean, the cave is usually dark, so you cannot see the ores clearly, and in the beam can solve this issue.


[SCREENSHOT] Oil Collecting

Time to make the distillation tower!(however, not enough stainless steel yet…)


Finally finished building the distillation tower.
Stainless steel automation took me a looooong time.