Realistic physics

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Will there be any simplified simulation of gravity, atmosphere and interaction of space objects in the game (change of seasons, ebb and flow in the seas and oceans, flooding)?
Will Foucault’s laws, for example, be observed?
At what level do you prefer to produce validity?

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Why would a simplified simulation of Gravity be needed? And why do two different people ask about this specific thing within less than a week?!

Apart from hardcoding the Gravity a few kilometers close to the Surface for sanity sake, the Formula of Gravity for a Torus is super easy to do because the Torus is supposed to have symmetric Mass.

What is Foucault’s Law? Wikipedia gives me very morally questionable results for that one, due to what I presume to be naming coincidences.

Seasons and Ocean Levels will be pre-computed, to prevent Lag, so you can’t really change them by throwing an additional Moon towards the Area.

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Thank you for your reply.
Foucault currents, they are eddy currents.
Will gravity affect living things?

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Oh you mean how the Magnetism is working for the Torus. I should really look up how a Tube with magnetically suspended Liquid Metal inside will work for creating a magnetic Field on the Torus.

And Gravity affects everything? Or do you mean Evolution based on Gravity? If so that might be a later concern.

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Gravity has a profound effect on the evolution and life of living organisms. For example, with a high level of gravity, there can be no talk of any gigantism.

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I wouldn’t deny larger creatures based entirely on gravity alone. Consider something like the diplodocus or giant insects like the meganeuropsis permiana, you also need to take into effect composition of the atmosphere, higher quantities of oxygen or carbon dioxide can produce wildly different forms of life.