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I must confess I am at a loss as to why you would respond this way. I have tried to be very careful to point out that I am not taking an absurd extreme position that it’s all a hoax and we should just pretend that everything is normal, but your response seems tailored as if that is what I had said. I have only been trying to point out that the position that seems to me to be the most absurdly extreme in the other direction ( let’s all just hide under the pillow for the infinite future, not go to work, not go to school, and so on ) is going too far. Have you misunderstood me or is your position really that we should all hide under the pillow, and I guess that means we should unplug our computers because people shouldn’t have to go to work to keep the Internet working, and people shouldn’t have to go to work to keep the power grid working?

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Telling people that they “seemingly” have such an extreme position, just because they are against your point, is also an Issue.

And gullible people believe extreme things whenever you are sounding somewhat reasonable, even if it is not what you said. This is how those Hoaxers showed up in the first place, because of some people saying “its not that bad” and they then interpret that as “oh then i dont need to care about keeping people safe and cough on everyone INTENTIONALLY!”, which as you might guess is not your actual point but what people end up believing your point is, because they are gullible little assholes.

And I am pretty sure Xenon actually knows that bad information spreads like that too, even if just by intuition, and that’s why he was so much against your point.


I’m not really sure how else to interpret “we can’t even talk about it” when I believe I’m taking a well reasoned, metered, centrist position supported by evidence and doing my damndest to be clear that I’m not “one of those nuts”.

That’s why I try to be very careful with what I say, so that it is not misconstrued as something as simple as “it’s not bad, we can ignore it”. At the same time, you have to be careful not to go too far the other way. The black plague killed 1/3 people living in Europe at the time. While this is worse than the common flu, it isn’t as bad as the black death. We can debate exactly where it lies on that spectrum, but if you can’t even countenance someone who points out that it isn’t as bad as the black death, then I’m not sure where to go from there.

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He knows that even talking about it for longer could cause people to believe the wrong stuff, and in a normal internet conversation that is true, that is why he hinted at maybe stopping this entire conversation as a whole by saying that. Luckily barely anyone reads this Blog, so I doubt we would end up creating those crazy nuts, but it is still better to stop talking about this entirely. * strong hint *


I just want to clarify that the reason I’m not willing to discuss this is because we both made up our minds already and a random person on the internet is not going to change that. We clearly disagree on this and continuing would just lead to toxicity. So, as I said, it’s not worth it


A few days ago I got the Vaccine against the 4 common types of the normal Flu, so at the very least I got something, while Germany got hit by the second Wave of the Corona, because ofcourse people are stupid.
Masks are mandatory in all public places nation wide now. And ofcourse people go to Doctors to get a fake Attest so they DON’T have to wear a Mask…, which is ofcourse illegal for the Doctors to do, especially since in 99.99% of all cases there is no medical reason that prevents you from wearing at the very least a simple Mask, or something that redirects your breath in some way without obstructing it.

About two weeks ago I started getting very annoying Migraines, whenever I am in a horizontal laying position, which is super annoying when I am trying to frikkin sleep, because that results in some sort of half-lucid dreaming, which wakes me up after one or two hours…
The dreams themselves are nice and okay for quite a while, until some random thing starts “attacking” me inside the dream, followed by the environment itself “attacking” me, resulting in me waking up. This isn’t the scary Nightmare kinda attacking by the way, it’s just a kindof “struggle” in the dream. Feels more like being attacked in a Videogame without any actual pain.
That Migraine then lasts for half an hour after I woke up. I am really glad my Migraines do not cause Headaches, even if the horizontal stripey visual artifacts in the center of my vision are annoying when reading Text, so I tilt my head just to have the lines be diagonal instead.

This whole Migraine ordeal also ruined a lot of the motivation needed to play Games, such as my Nether-Only Test-Playthrough with just Netherlicious and GT6.
I try to make the Nether self sustainable with Netherlicious by adding all necessary Ores there, while I also purge all the GT5-Style Ores from the Nether. So far I still need to add all the roastable Sulfuric Ores to the Nether, which is the reason for the delay in actual Release by the way.

Well, apart from that ongoing Migraine Issue I am still fine. Binge-watched the Totland Arc of One Piece, and am now normal-watching the Wano Arc. They did the beginning of the Wano Arc really well.

So how is everyone else doing?


I haven’t been out since March so none of that really affects me all too much. You have anything in your room that could be causing migraines, flowers / pollen / dust / ambient low frequency noise, fan etc?

Hey I get that, I thought I was seeing the backlight on my monitor something.


No Flowers in here, unsure about Pollen but I dont have any Allergies, tons upon tons of Dust so that is nothing new, the only noise I have is the coil whine from my passive cooled Computer and my Monitor, and the Fan is not active anymore because it starts to get colder.

My Migraine Issue is literally “lay down in horizontal position -> Migraine”, and I can only sit at my desk for so long before I need to get into a position that doesn’t involve sitting. Watching D&D Campaigns is a pain right now thanks to that, since I am usually in bed during listening to them.

How exactly this Mode gets triggered I do not know, it happens around June too, usually when the temperature goes from okay to hot. And right now it goes from warm to cold to warm again after turning on the oil boiler for central heating. I guess it is really just me being temperature sensitive as hell.


What the hell would even be one of those 0.01% ‘valid reasons’?! o.O


Those would be people who have such severe lung issues that they need oxygen bottles/machines to breathe, or they simply dont have enough lung power to breathe through the mask. (and it actually IS hard to breathe through that darn thing, i end up heavy breathing way sooner than normal, with it on. Still no excuse for me ofc, I do care about not being infected and am quite paranoid about it)


So they already have a mask then, lol

I’ve not noticed any affect to my breathing speed at all but, again, if someone had such severe issues then I’d expect them to wear a respirator too. ^.^


With respirators I suspect it’s similar to scuba suffocation, where the body isn’t used to the rate of air and panics. Stories of people taking their masks off under water because the body feels it’s stopping them from breathing. The trick is to breathe calmly and normally and not try to suck in more air than it can release/filter.


To note I’m talking about respirators designed for painting and spraying not pm 2.5 masks. Though if your breathing is already irregular I would assume a mask wouldn’t make things any easier.


I think I finally got rid of the Migraine Issue, so that is hopefully gonna stay resolved for a while. Lets hope me fixing my sleep schedule actually fixed this, so that I know what not to do again.

All my Electric and LEGO Stuff has been mostly sorted into my new Plastic Boxes by now, so I dont have to worry about the chaos anymore that has been there before. I also do not like Furniture based Storage, so I got a lot of mostly empty Shelves after this, and instead I have 3 stacks of plastic boxes in a corner now, of which the topmost ones are the ones I am most likely to access.

As I mentioned in another Post, I am trying to get out of the low that I have been in for two years or so.
After I got rid of the Migraine I started trying to move almost all Youtube Stuff that I watch to one binge watch session on Sundays, just so I do not get interrupted by some enticing Youtube Video whenever I am working on something, specifically because that always resulted in scheduling Issues, since it has split up my large time slots into many smaller ones, so I never ended up in the situation of “I have a lot of time now, I should do something that takes a while to do”, like I did before.
It does seem to work, because I actually got all the Plastic Boxes filled and sorted this week. I still have an 8th Plastic Box that I dont exactly know what to do with, maybe dump all the random Office Supplies I have into that one. let’s see if this lasts or if it will end up being yet another short burst of productivity that ends way too soon.
I really hope it will continue to work, so that I dont have to resort to the unthinkable thing of moving around a little bit more just to be healthier. Because I really hate physical activity.

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I finally feel like I actually have time to do Stuff again, thanks to organizing my Schedule better. Sure it is probably not the Stuff everyone wants me to do, but nonetheless it’s a surprising plus 4-5 hours a day more that I somehow have to spare. Yes, my Life was so insanely fragmented and tired, that this huge waste came to be.

So far, I am catching up quite quick with the D&D Stuff that built up over the Autumn Season.
And I also checked out the Terraria Update yesterday, for which I only have 2 Achievements left to do (Garden Gnome in Daylight, and the Happy NPC Population one), and I would also like to get the Terraprisma but I am not good at Bullet Hell, so that’s gonna take a few attempts.

(Edit: Got the Terraprisma, I think I cheesed the hell out of it with the Zenith, Hallowed Armor and Master Ninja Gear.)

(Edit: Got the Princess NPC and added her to the most crowded Area of my town. She was so happy about that, that I got an Achievement for it. Also got the Gnome Achievement by accident while trying to get the Gnome Achievement. Turns out a Gnome went outside at Night and then Dawn happened.)

There is also a bunch of annoying IRL things I’m dealing with this week, such as getting the damn prepaid SIM card of my mom registered, because ofcourse those require your ID to be used to register them since 2017. How they don’t fucking offer the option to register that at time of purchase is beyond me, and I didn’t even know this bullshit would be a requirement when I blindly recommended it to her… Surely this Law will fulfill its purpose of keeping Prepaid SIM Cards off of Terrorists who could easily just go to the Czech Republic next door and buy those cards there anonymously (not to mention I am pretty sure those use actually secure ways to send Messages…).
One more thing on my list of Bullshit I do not want to deal with, whenever I buy myself a Pinephone (or Raspberry Pi Phone, if that ever gets onto the market), because guess what, if you use a normal SIM Card with monthly/yearly billing over PayPal, you don’t need to validate your ID, same goes for buying preregistered Prepaid SIM Cards off of ebay.

By the way, I am glad that so many people actually try out the Secret Dev Version of GT6 and actually come back and report Issues those Versions cause, before i release them. Nice to see people are more interested in GT6 than I am by now. XD

And since it is December now, the 10th Month of the year:
Have a fun merry Winter everyone!
because I don’t know if I will find anything to post about for that time of the year, due to my life being rather boring. :wink:

P.S. I found out that the “abbr” Tag exists in HTML, so I used it in this Post. :smiley:


Happy New Year!

And for some stupid reason, is dead, long live, which is the same fucking device, but my Router decided to give it a different IP after a random Power Outage, and I cant change it back, because lack of Settings for that… Such a great start into 2021. All other devices on the Network luckily kept their IP.

On the Terraria side of things, I made a Biome Key Farm for 5 out of 6 Biome Keys. The Hallow one is the one that is explicitly incompatible with Crimson/Corruption, so I cant farm that there. But Desert/Jungle/Corruption/Crimson/Frozen Keys work together in the same Farm (I got at least one of each from it). Just remember you need a shitload of more Sand compared to anything else.
I also cleaned the entire World of Crimson/Hallow once, before setting up that Biome Key Farm (which obviously added it back, though it is ofcourse not spreading). As suspected there was no Achievement for it, but at least the Dryad noticed it happened, so yay.
The Terraria Wiki says Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon can cancel a Blood Moon, and yes they can, and Invasions cancel the Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon, but what it fails to mention is that you have to be in the invaded Area, and once the Invasion ends, the Moon comes back.
But by now Terraria is pretty much done. I might finish flattening the Surface of the World whenever I feel really tired, though that’s basically it. I got all the Items I wanted already.

Now that my Mom got her Smartphone working with the Internet, I get really stupid tech support questions and really bad memes from her…
I cant believe she was really too dumb to close a Chrome Tab… that said she was also too stupid to hang up Calls before, by hitting “Back” instead of the obvious red hangup button…
I’m so glad I dont fucking use whats-app, because those shitty memes are horrible, and it is bad enough to be exposed to them by her showing them to me on her phone.
The only person in the house who knows how shit works is also the only one that doesn’t have a fucking Smartphone (for a good damn reason), oh the irony…

As for the Pi Zero Project I mentioned that one time, that one kinda died the moment I found out Mass Storage Mode and Ethernet Dongle Mode don’t work at the same time.
I might try a different Project with a pair of Zero W’s (As WiFi Ad-Hoc Devices that can be plugged into two computers to connect them without having to setup WiFi or a Firewall), but for that, ordering over the Internet has to cheap down and become reliable again (which it usually does in the middle of January to my knowledge).

Anyways, screw 2020, let’s hope 2021, the year in which the next Generation of Boomers is being released into the World, is better. XD


Now why can’t I quote the stupid pop up definition of that? At first I thought wait a second, I’m a second generation boomer ( my dad was the result of my grandpa coming back from WWII ). Funny though, I saw something a while back that claimed a study found that people are actually having less sex during quarantine, rather than more as you would think, so there probably won’t be a boom in babies as a result.

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“something that claimed a study has found” is about as vague as my source. Anyways I fixed it by saying “next” instead of “second” XD

Yay for me posting yet another one of these things.

So, the Migraine Issue came back to haunt me once again, and that about one day after I had to lay down in bed for longer than usual (ate a combination my body didn’t like). Obviously I try to avoid having to do that again.
I would love to know what the heck the actual cause of “torso in horizontal position -> migraine” is, because it feels like my brain is completely out of sync whenever I get this.
And this doesn’t happen whenever I sit upright (which is a horrible sleeping position), nor when I only am in bed for 8 hours or less per day (aka normal sleeping).
It by the way does not matter if I am on my left, my right, or my back. it might depend on Temperature too, but I’m not that sure anymore about that. Maybe it just happens whenever I’m sick for whatever reason (which I often don’t notice), or some other random event.

I guess I need to also get rid of the less common habit of just being in bed thinking about Stuff too because of this, since if I am sitting anyways I would rather have at least a Desk in front of me.
Back in ye olden days I did that on Bus rides and similar, since there was nothing else to do. Though ofcourse those don’t really happen anymore, and not just because of 2020+.

Anyways, I’ve learned a bit about Networking the past couple days, such as the ability to run Gigabit Ethernet through the Power Outlets of the House, which is interesting even though I will not do that just to connect my Room in the first Floor with the Basement.
Tried Ad-Hoc WiFi too (with my Computer and the GPD WIN 2, not the Pis), but there was interestingly no proper KDE based Guides on how to actually do that with the Network Manager GUI, so I ended up with a Hotspot instead.
I’m considering putting an Aluminium Foil “Dish” on my WiFi Antenna, so I might end up being able to cast it to the Basement (and not to my Neighbors XD), which would be great next Summer.

Ah well, don’t have much to say left, so until next time. ^^

Wait how long do you sleep for Greg, Serotonin builds up in your brain if you sleep longer than usual, I get terrific headaches around the back of my head that last all day if I sleep longer than usual.
The gigabit+ power lines seem to be the ad hoc way to go to extend networks without drilling holes in the wall. I’ve heard good things about them recently.

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laying in bed also includes stuff like watching videos in a comfortable position, so it’s still 7.5-8 hours of sleep. :wink:
If I didnt have Issues with the CPAP in winter, it would be around 4-5 hours of sleep instead.

Yeah for normal people they might be great, but I am paranoid, and those things are super insecure if you have Power Outlets outside of the House or similar.
Though that is the level of Paranoia that RFID blockers are for (since there literally is no RFID Crime at all, yet everyone wants to protect against that)

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