Random Bugs and Whatnot

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From the main page:

Recently a lot of weird Bugs popped up with peoples Modpacks, like ForgeMultiPart crashing on startup, or FML Log Files flat out not existing. If you have one of these Issues, please tell me everything you know about it, because I want this bullshit to be fixed, and I cant replicate it to find a solution myself! Someones sloppy log4j fix is probably fucking up 1.7.10 and I need to find out why!

I’m not 100% sure on FML log files not existing, but the times I had that same report it was always on the Technic launcher. Checking a random Technic profile right now confirms that:

Multipart crashing IIRC was a somewhat common issue with Mekanism a few months back, either it was Mek conflicting with the current version of FMP or Mek actually needing it as a dependency now (some old forum posts would confirm that since the crash has been resolved multiple times simply by installing both FMP and CodeChickenCore). I don’t know what other mods may be involved with that but Mek has been present in every report I’ve gotten so far.

A different (and seemingly new) problem would be people’s graphics glitching out when holding any item or aiming at a mob (I suspect the GL12 lib that’s being used by the font renderer, my old laptop would render anything using GL12 in solid white).
Confirmed: Only happens on 1.7.10, even with no mods installed
Questionable: Whether it happens in vanilla 1.7.10 or if forge is required
Most but not all reports use integrated graphics, one supposed fix was to turn on dedicated graphics, another was apparently possible by downgrading GPU drivers. It’s impossible to replicate on any of my machines with a variety of settings and due to the diverse set of reports I can’t even make any proper guesses. Maybe it’s some specific launcher that ships with a broken version of the graphics library? The only launchers that I know where used were Curse and that weird russian cracked launcher.

Yet another issue (which is technically “intended behavior”) that I feel deserves more attention is Thermos’ ridiculous “optimization” feature that is enabled by default where tiles in chunks that have no players in them only tick once per second. Apparently nobody knows about this “optimization” setting or why it’s enabled for everything by default, but you can imagine what happens when peoples’ reactors tick 20 times a second while their water supply only does a single one.

Another classic problem (which was also recently solved in the forums), having a render distance above the maximum crashes the game instantly, it’s pretty common too when downgrading MC (only with terrible launchers that reuse the same folders for everything cough Microsoft) or uninstalling Optifine. It got so bad that I had to add my own render distance fixer into NTM, thankfully I haven’t gotten a single report since.

I hope this ramble has been vaguely helpful or topical (I don’t check the main page that often, the disclaimer could be a year old for all I know). Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


Wow, this is impressive, I did not expect a reply to this within 2 hours. XD

Edit: I’m gonna write a proper reply now, which may take a bit.


The Crash in question that I recently got an Issue with is this following line crashing in a Nullpointer Exception, which can only possibly happen if logger is null.

Since this is probably the very first time logger is invoked (preInit), and logger is not tampered with until it reaches that place, all I can assume is that someones log4j exploit fix involves just letting the LogManager return null when asked for creating a Logger. Somehow this only crashes MultiPart and not any other Mod though, so I am not sure what is going on.
Maybe someone didnt like the spam inside the Logs this Mod was causing and just decided to give it no Logger, but anyone intentionally doing that would CLEARLY check if the Modpack still frikkin loads.

Edit: maybe the cause is using scala instead of java to declare the logger field, and some fixer does not account for that.

The Issue with the Crash you are talking about might have been a few months ago when Forges Download Server got fucked up and nothing auto-downloaded anymore, including Chickenbones’s Stuff that was hosted there too.

Ir the other Issue with Chickenbones’s own Website being shut down so downloads did not exist anymore for NEI and stuff, since I am pretty sure that only MultiPart got hosted on the Forge Server properly, or ever got linked there at least. I dont think anybody knew most of his Stuff was hosted on Forges Website.

Maybe I should check the Mobs thing, I use AMD integrated graphics aka an APU. Unless you meant intel integrated graphics specifically.

Thermos probably blew up quite a few GT6 Boilers. XD

Yep I have put the Render Distance Info thing on the Install Instructions. What did you do to fix the Issue in NTM? Just auto-set it to 15 if its 16 or above?


It sets it to 16 if it’s above that, assuming the config option is turned on (which it is by default) and OptiFine isn’t installed. Wasn’t that the maximum or does the distance start at 0 like potion IDs do?

I don’t exactly know what integrated GPUs were affected, and some people has dedicated cards which had the same issue, so I’m not at all sure whether that’s even a factor.

I remember that one, used to just send people the files directly until the automated download was working again. I didn’t know it affected things other than CCL though.


It might be 15 because the moment I hit 16 on the Slider it crashes me.

As for the GPU Stuff, that is even more fun if you’re a Linux User and your Drivers are better than the Windoze ones, and therefore dont cause those Issues…

A lot of Mods were hosted on the Forge Website including GregTech for a while. It was pretty annoying when they somehow removed my access to my own Page and I had to ask @OvermindDL1 to help fix that Issue, and then everything got ported to a different Server… This is also why my Website looks almost like Forges one did back then, just with a bunch of improvements.

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It compiles to the same class code. You can’t really tell the difference between scala and java unless something in scala’s stdlib is used (and even then you can use scala’s stdlib from java too).

I’m curious if you have this stacktrace handy? I’m wondering if it’s past JNI or something in java…

It’s literally running the same maven server, I built them all, lol. ^.^

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Yeah but you did improve our variant after Forge fucked up that badly, lol.

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I was always improving it, even when it was forge’s host, lol.

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Clearly you were no longer involved the moment they kicked people out. :wink:

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Indeed, I left in the MC1.7 period.

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So we managed to fix the primary Issue with this Crash ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----// Uh... Did I do that?Time: 9/6/22 10:23 - Pastebin.com by turning a potential Nullpointer that crashed that one persons Modpack into a pointer to a no-op instead. Where that Nullpointer came from is still unknown, despite it only happening with GT6 installed alongside ForgeMultiPart, but it is fixed nevertheless within GT6 now thanks to ASM hackery.


For some reason, the term hackery reminds me of an old lady saying:

“Ye best be careful, there’s hackery afoot around these parts. Wary travels, traveler.”