Rain disables asphalt?

I was wondering from time to time why me on a horse running on asphalt sometimes didn’t work, as in i got no speed boost.
I initially assumed it has something to do with the “server” (me, singleplayer) running too slow to let me run as i got something like 200 chunk updates on the road.
And i tested reducing view distance to 2 chunks, but to no avail… 800 FPS, 2-6 chunk updates basically. Still running slow.

As i ran back and forth, i noticed that i occasionally did get a speed boost. Right next to maple trees that i’ve planted and drilled with resin bags full of maple sap in them.
That’s odd, i also had torches at each tree so there was some light and i was like… huh? Do they need light or what is going on here?

I really can’t remember if it’s been raining every time i’ve experienced the lack of speed boost in the past few days since i built this road. But this time it rained, and i got speed boosts near those trees…
I look up and there’s the canopy, rain doesn’t fall next to these trees!
So, since it was night, i hopped in my never visited bed to make the rain… GO AWAY (moaning myrtle voice) and BAM, i now have speed boost all the way regardless of my view distance.

SO, does asphalt really stop working in the rain? What is this madness?

EDIT: I might add, it’s asphalt slabs.


Rain disables the Speed Boost whenever the thing walking on it is “wet” (like when MC Dogs are wet and need to dry off).

The original reason for this in GT5 was so it doesn’t happen underwater, but the reasoning in GT6 is, because Rain makes it so you dont wanna stumble. :wink:


Well (IMHO) boo hiss!
Cars don’t run slower on wet roads. They only go off much sooner.
And i am perfectly capable of running just as fast (if not faster because RAIN) on wet asphalt in real life.

Can this be disabled in config? Or do i have to cheat off rain too?