Rain blow-up machines configuration

Rain blow-up machines configuration

Good day!
So in config file there is options like


and thats great,
but my suggestion is to somehow separate “working” machines and “standing still” machines,
for example: i got my crystallisation crucible and brewing station explode by rain(which is actually dropped not exactly to this machines but in a block near them), and honestly i cannot imagine how near raindrops could cause explode something in steel casing just standing still, no heat no electricity…

You could say - “hey, switch off the rain_explode feature!”, yes but then i will loss great thing when rain will explode some electrical devices which is running and processing some potentially dangerous materials(actual reason for me to enable this option)

So adding some additional(probably configurable) checks for this feature would be great and give more deep technical expirience(that the main reason people liked GT isnt it? :relaxed:)

P.S. yes i know thats lot of work with no huge visible result, so thats just suggestion i really hope to be implemented one day :slight_smile:


Stuff is rusting internally, that is where the danger is coming from. :wink:

Also the Rain Explosions depend on Power Type, for Heat based Machines a sudden influx of water means it steams and rusts very fast, while Electric ones end up with shortcircuiting the whole thing. And some Machines are immune to Rain, even if it is not documented anywhere. Like Solar Panels for example, or I think anything that runs on Rotational Energy is fine with Rain…


Thats exactly what i’m talking about - differences in behavior between power-types!
Something like - broke under rain when not running(rusting as you saying), and explodes under rain while running, how do you think this is possible?


You are aware I am talking about the “is” situation not the “should be” situation, right? Explosions are just a shorthand for “received damage in some way or another” :wink:

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