QwerTech: GT6 Addon

From the far-away technological backwater of South Carolina…

A new (er, not really) source of intergalactic advancements emerges!

QwerTech: Widening The Tech Tree

Ever lamented the lack of universal armor to match your fancy stainless-steel pickaxes? Ever felt like sticks and stones should break some bones? Ever desired a more colorful chicken? Well, my friend, you’ve found the right place!

  • Craft wood-specific crafting tables, with 3D crafting grids that don’t need GUIs!
  • Craft advanced crafting anvils to smack together those plates and machinery!
  • Create armor out of the full variety of metals, and apply upgrades like spring-boots or magnifying glass monocles!
  • Create utility tools like mattocks, sturdy axes, and sturdy pickaxes that dig 2x2 holes!
  • Create new1 weaponry like slingshots, maces, and brass2 knuckles!
  • No longer just for bees: cultivate different species and breeds of mobs4, with each animal having their own unique stats and abilities!
  • Achievements, compost, cheese, and more!5

1 - QwerTech makes no representation that slingshots, maces, or other forms of weaponry are technically “new” technology.
2 - Brass not included.3
3 - Brass not required.
4Chickens currently the only mob with different breeds. Turkeys and Frogs have a singular breed.
5QwerTech is not necessarily obligated to divulge what, exactly, is contained within the definition of “more”. QwerTech is also not necessarily obligated to confirm that the inclusion of “more” is caused by the existence of bugs and features long since forgotten.

To download QwerTech, visit the CurseForge page or the GitHub Releases page and install alongside the latest version of GT6!