Queue Hopper combining stacks?

Even if I screwdriver it to a max stack size of 15, if I add a second stack of 15 to another slot, it still shifts it to the right and combines the stacks into a single stack of 30. Isn’t that exactly what it’s NOT supposed to do?

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It’s there to keep Items in the same order that they entered, this means merging Items is ONLY allowed if they are next to each other. The Queue Hopper is there for keeping the order of different Items.

The exact Stacksize only applies to actually outputting the Stack.

I think I might also have done something to make sure the Slots only ever contain a divisible of the exact stacksize per Slot, like in your 15 case it would be 60 instead of 64. But i might be wrong about that.

Hrm… I could have sworn on regular hoppers it also capped the stack size that the hopper would auto stack to. You could manually insert a larger stack into a slot, but it would not combine stacks any larger than the limit.

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I think I have to agree with greg here, I remember quequed hoppers only taking x amounts of items, where x is a multiple of the number of queque you added (so allow 8-16-24 etc but not 2 4 6 etc).

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Is that because the hopper feeding into it was set to output only 6 at a time, or because the queue hopper was?

Now that I think about it, I was thinking of regular hoppers. Those limit the stack size they will auto stack to based on the screwdriver setting. I expected queue hoppers to do the same thing.

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The (Queue) Hopper itself if set to certain Numbers, such as 15, will only allow stacks of up to 60 Items (4 times 15) to ensure it can emit everything when starting from a full state.

I guess the problem is that unlike the regular hoppers, the queue ones can’t be monkey wrenched into exact mode.

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Yeah because the Queue would fuck up in exact Mode for obvious reasons.