Questions about Mechaenetia’s difficulty selection system

I already know that there will be 2 difficulty settings but I wonder if there will be ‘advanced’ settings that include the following for people that want to play differently in different aspects of the game

  1. Npc civilization starting advancedness
  2. How much the civilizations will like the player before being modified by any civilization-specific stats
  3. Density (probably fits better under worldgen)

Can’t think of anything else right now

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and what are your questions? this looks all like random parameters for worldgen and stuff…

I forgot to mention the “will there be” part because I am incredibly tired for no reason at all

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I mean as like a slider to adjust or something

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also will there be a weather system with various storms that can form and wind and stuff I guess like the weather2 mod for Minecraft (I think, it’s been a while since I last used it)

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maybe weather, not sure how yet, though

The most fundamental question is if mechaenetia will actually exist at all :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest I am loosing hope. I guess I got too hyped up at the beggining when you mentioned your plans (and made the repo). From all those ideas that you wrote it seems that its going to be super awesome game. And that makes the waiting even worse. But to be fair I would not know where to start either.

I know that if you have a big project you might have tendency to first think it through, plan it out, think about the architecture/backbone which you will later build upon the whole thing. But I also know that this strategy leads to nowhere many times because there is always more stuff to think about/optimize/add and then you never start doing it. You just think about how to build the foundation and never start doing the actual work. I think that you got captured in this, or am I wrong, is it something else? If that is the case, then probably the only way out is to just do the first step, forget about the fact that you will have to build the foundation, just start doing the basic things for which you do not need the foundation yet. Just make some prototypes. When you have that you start extending those prototypes. And only later when you really start noticing that you need to clean it up (the codebase), give it some backbone, then you rewrite it, you make the foundation. Because at that time you will already know many problems that arrised and so you can make the foundation that will work and make things easier and more maintanable. Yes, it is not the most efficient way of doing it, you will be rewriting code a lot, wasting time, but I doubt that you can fit the whole project just in your head to think it all the way through and after that start coding it from scratch. And this approach is also demotivating as you never see any work done. If you start doing baby steps it will motivate you to actually finish it.