Questions about Fluid Springs

I made a creative superflat world to do some testing before I blew up yet another machine and noticed several weird stone pyramid things. That’s right, I discovered Fluid Springs, which has the coolest looking thing when you break them open for oil and spring water. I see one post talking about them here, but I want to know:

  1. In a normal non-superflat world, are these always surrounded by minecraft default stone? You can see the semi-random arrangement of them in a superflat world, so I ask this to know if the arrangement is relatively the same or do they look different in a normal world.
  2. Hot spring water sounds cool. What makes it differ from normal water and does it have any special properties?
  3. Is there a height/width/length limit to the liquid being produced? I had built a drain/pipe/drum setup to see what the liquids were and noticed that the liquids never drained down to the bottom.

In the meantime, I gotta find some in my survival world!


Hey there, so:
Fluid springs always generates a flat “pocket” in the borders of 1 chunk in modern GT versions

  1. Any type of stone could be around fluid springs “pocket”
  2. Well, that’s an GT fluid, which means it couldn’t be easy moved around, but I had already this topic here shows it could be released by Buildcraft’s floodgate. Most feature of this hot water - strong healing buff when you touch it
  3. Different liquids have their own physical parameters, gas will always go up, lava and oil goes down. GT fluids operates with values not with buckets\blocks as usual Minecraft water\lava do, that means while there is available connected space for placing created liquid - it will be generated. (example, of there is oil fluid spring, and you create a well 1x1 cube above it, it will fill all this well and start to radially spread at the surface)
  1. Not always by default Stone, it will pick Et Futurum Deepslate if available. And if I remember right they only place Stone if the “seal” is broken, so that the Fluids dont escape during Worldgen. They are always arranged like this even if NOT superflat, yes there is far more Fluid Springs than people might expect, yet despite this density they are apparently hard to find.
  2. Well you can take a nice Bath in them for a Regen Potion Effect, or you can use them Geothermally like Lava.
  3. I dont exactly know what you mean by length/width Limit, it just spreads if there is space (which is why i made sure they are encased). As for height Limit, nope there is none, it will just try to force itself upwards if it cant find any place to go. It even keeps a little bit of vertical velocity resulting in actual Springs. As for the Drain, only the single block right in front of the Drain will be drained, so if things dont flow close enough, they wont be picked up, maybe take a Measuring Pot and pick up some of it that way manually.

Some recipes are slightly different between Water and Hot Spring Water. For example the later costs less energy to distillate or electrolyze, and produces more Heavy Water and the likes. Not sure whether it worths.


Yeah the less easily infinite Hot Spring Water can save you some Power and Effort at t he cost of having to be near a Spring of it.