Question: Multiple fluid outputs

Hi, I’m sorry to ask this but I’m struggling managing multiple fluid outputs. As an example: using the mixer to get Hexafluorosilicic Acid from HF + SiO2 produces water as a byproduct.
What’s the best way to get both? In this process, water should go to a water main line and Hexa Acid to a another mixer. Without micromanaging, usualy the Hexa ends on the water line, melting it down. So…not very convinient.
This applies to every multiple fluid output process. I just can’t figure out by myself.

Also, another question: why on some machines that has 2 fluid outputs (faces) or inputs, only one works (the one marked as “auto”).

Any help would be appreciated. I’m really hooked to this mod.


Quadruple or Nonuple Pipe, and from there you use Fluid Filter Covers or Prefilled Drums/Barrels as a Filter for Branches. If you go for the Drums then make sure you never fully drain them.