Question about mechaenetia's code

​ When I’m trying to build mechaenetia on windows, I only got a tui-client. The code says

		#[cfg(feature = "client_wgpu")]
		if cfg!(target_os = "linux") || std::env::var("DISPLAY").is_ok() {
			preferred_client_type = ClientType::WGPU;

, and I wonder that what does cfg!(target_os = “linux”) || std::env::var(“DISPLAY”).is_ok() mean.

​ The $DISPLAY seem to be a variable in linux, and I thought it should be !cfg!(target_os = “linux”) || std::env::var(“DISPLAY”).is_ok() .


Considering it is next to nothing right now, with just a GUI Test that @OvermindDL1 did, I don’t think it is gonna do much, lol.

I really am too stuck with GT6 right now, so I kinda postponed the Game by a bit.

As for $DISPLAY I would hazard a guess he checked if there is one xorg - What is the $DISPLAY environment variable? - Ask Ubuntu

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Yeah it doesn’t do much yet, it’s just scaffolding, that I keep copying and using in little test projects, lol.

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