Question about large heat exchanger

When I tested in a single-player game, the input of the large heat exchanger was judged to be GT hot coolant, so it could completely output the heat generated by the nuclear reactor. But when I tested in the server, the input of the large heat exchanger was judged as IC2 hot coolant, and the heat generated by the same nuclear reactor could not be completely output.


IC2 and GT6 Coolant are the same. That is all I can say. I do not know what exactly your Issue there is,


I guess maybe low tps is causing insufficient HU output? Because the player who is on the same server as me also encountered the problem of insufficient output when using the combustion chamber to heat the boiler to generate electricity. Is there any way to solve the problem of insufficient HU output at low tps? Or make the HU output of the nuclear reactor consistent with the HU output of the heat exchanger under low tps conditions.


TPS does not cause anything no matter how high or low it is. Lag never causes Bugs, I dont know what idiot came up with that rumor, but I hear Youtubers even talk about that on pure Vanilla Servers and it annoys the shit out of me…

So you have a completely different Issue, which needs more investigation. It definitely is not “just blame the Lag”, because Lag does not cause Bugs.