Question about gregtech 6 for a first playtrough for someone who played with gregtech before

Hello everyone !
I’ve been mostly lurking on the forum but today I wanted to play Gregtech 6 for the first time
I’ve composed a little pack with Reika’s technology mods, HBM, metalurgy, railcraft, galacticraft and AE2, in the idea to make a gregtech 6+ modpack and th’ats where my questions begins (been a long time since i’ve played with these mod and I heard they mixed well together but not especially for the framerate)
What other mod could enhance this feeling a plus GT6+ modpack whithout adding much? was thinking of maybe botania and the twilight forest
Are the bumblebees are reliable or do I need forestry for farming some ressources ?
What do I need to change (other than the one cited on the download page) so that others mod don’t interfere much in GT progression ? I’m especialy looking at HBM with it’s many dungeon and ores
My PC is starting to become quite old and he has more and more difficulty to run things with big factories (automation is a thing I really enjoy in Minecraft so this problem kinda suck, all the mods is listed at the beggining work smoothly on their own on a new world), I heard gregtech 6 unoficial has more multiblock for process that happen in small machines, could they help with the lag by stopping small machines spamming ? I know it’s kinda ironic to mostly ask the developer about the unoficial version of it’s mod.
What config files do I need if I use Advanced rocketry’s asteroid mining mission for gregtech ores ?

I’m excited about this playtrough so I will read all of your suggestions, will probably post what happen on my playtrough on the forum. Also this isn’t my first time with gregtech, just the first time with the six
Have a great day !


The Bumbles are reliable once you make sure that you place their hives in the right Biomes. The Thermometer used on the Hive/Bumbliary will give you the necessary Info. From there you just need to make sure the Hive is Outside for Bumbles you found outside and Inside for any you found Underground.

Also pretty sure i took care about all progression exploits within GT6 itself, so no worries about that.

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Oooooh that’s a great thing to hear for the bumbles ! What do you think of the others points tho ?


I would recommend regular GT6, unless GT6U finally took all the upstream changes from me that fix severe Bugs and such.

And whe nit comes to Modpacks I dont like to tell people which Mods to use and not use, unless there is an objective reason why a Mod is problematic, like Optifine letting Mobs spawn where they should not spawn, despite it not even being supposed to mess with Mob Spawns at all in the first damn place, or CoFH Core and Enchiridion lagging like hell on startup and when loading a world (they dont seem to break stuff once the game is up though, so they are still fine-ish, also enchiridion seems to have a fork that fixed that lag issue on startup).

I would just recommend having fun with the Mods you like. :wink:


Not to try and derail, but…
That’s one easily worked around at least. First thing you should do for any old OF is yeeting the aho.class xdelta/md5 patch from the OF jar (or full shipped aho.class if your OF version is really old), since that’s responsible for the weird OF spawn rules…
And maybe use Optinerf if you’re playing SP, to undo OF breaking same-dimension entities like thaumcraft golems when you’re far away. :sweat:


I understand using Serializationisbad or any exploit alternative is an important mod these days.

Gregtech is pretty self-inclusive now taking ideas from other mods and incorporating them into its own, so most mods will overlap a little in general. As Greg says he’s taken steps to make pretty much all mods work under Gregtech and nothing will really break or be incompatible with it, aside from I think Mekanism which had recipes that made things way to easy even with Gregtech installed and The Aether which Gregtech didn’t seem to like its blocks or logs, but I think Greg added compatibility with that recently. The Thermal series of mods and MinefactoryReloaded can add machines that could make progression too easy but many of their recipes require higher tier materials so that’s up to you.

All the tech mods work with or alongside Gregtech, Buildcraft, IC2, Immersive engineering, etc but nothing really adds anything that Gregtech doesn’t. Though Immersive engineering’s blast furnace might be an issue if you are looking to progress purely in Gregtech, it’s somewhat easier to build that than cobble together the technique to produce steel with the crucible.

Quality of life mods wouldn’t impact Gregtech, nor stability mods. I would recommend any of the following:

SoundFilters: alters sound to better reflect the reverb you would expect based on block material and space.

Mob-no-render: culls mobs you wouldn’t normally see, meant to improve performance.

Leafculling: same for leaves as above

No-mobs-on-trees: meant to stop weird mob spawns.

BetterFoliage: makes things appear less square, though i would recommend turning off the log feature and just keep the leaves.

Betterrain is a good mod to add too, but I can’t find a source for it that isn’t a 9minecraft website, so I won’t link that here. It makes rain more atmospheric and less like someone flicked a switch.

AquaTweaks: fills in spaces where you would expect to see water like around fenceposts etc, usually looks better but your mileage may vary.

loading-progress-bar: gives just that little bit extra detail while waiting for minecraft to load

Ding: makes a ‘ding’ sound when minecraft has loaded, trust me it helps.

HelpFixer: removes problematic and broken commands that might cause bugs, this is only really good if you have large modpacks and probably wouldn’t be that helpful here.

You should also note that there are a variety of mixin and bug fixing mods out there like unimixins, gastation, bugtorch, neodymium, falsetweaks, etc that all have their own incompatibilities with each other and may make any of the others obsolete so yeah, take from that what you will.

There is also Etfuturum Requiem, Twilight forest, Netherlicious and Hardcore ender expansion that expands or augments Minecraft in general, they all function alongside Gregtech perfectly fine. Pams Harvestcraft can also be added if you want to add more farming options.


Lol I actually fixed Mekanism by just renaming its Osmium to Germanium and treating it as such, and suddenly everything in that Mod makes so much more damn sense. XD


Oh I might go back and check that again then, many of its devices are supercool its just it was far too easy to create them. Real end game stuff there.


wow thanks for your suggestions !


Do I need a mod to have expanded end island or does GT6 has blob with ore in them ?

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I think you will need a Mod that adds End Islands in some capacity if you want that (even if not necessary for GT6), Hardcore Ender Expansion might be a bit too much, but I think Enderlicious adds End Islands too.

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