Question about creating posts on the forum

At first I wanted to write my first regular post, but I ran into difficulties inserting hyperlinks into my text. I used the hyperlink button in the editor to do this, but in the end I get a window that says an error using links.
I would like to know the relationship here to links and what I am doing wrong. I use HTTPS links from the sites: forum.mechaenetia, www.spigotmc and github for more immersion in the problem and the essence of the problem.


Okay, so the Issue is that there was quite a bit of a legal bullshit in Europe regarding Users posting Links at all, so I needed to make sure that every single thing people normally link to is whitelisted.

As far as I see 2 of your 3 Links are whitelisted, but the one is not yet. Easy to fix for me. ^^

And usually I see people bypassing the Link restriction by putting a “(dot)” or something instead of a “.”, and then I will whitelist the thing usually. :wink:

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