Pyrolysis Furnace, Fermenter and Internal combustion engines

  1. Pyrolysis Furnace: A large tree farm needs many coke ovens to keep up with the speed of logs produced by the tree farm after the use of forestry. There should be a pyrolysis oven in the middle and later stages of the game, as the power version of the coke oven, which works with electricity and processes faster, just like GT5.
  2. Large-scale fermenters: Because of the existence of gas turbines, methane can be obtained by fermenting biomass, but large-scale production of methane requires a fermentation array, perhaps requiring a multi-block version of it?
  3. Internal combustion engines: Despite the presence of gas turbines, it is clear that methane is more suitable for storage.Is there an internal combustion engine dedicated to burning fuel and increasing their energy output?

Damn missed one
There should also be circuit assembly machines.
It’s too rough to soak the circuit in the bath.