Pump covers and multi pipes

I set a nonouple rubber pipe with a compact lv pump cover on it to extract the water and co2 from the gas turbine, and stuck filters on two sides, one for the CO2 and one for the water. I have noticed that it refuses to remove any CO2 from the turbine until the very last liter of water has flowed out of the nonouple pipe. Is this intended?

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Did you try two Pumps? That is what I did to make it work.

Since the pump is also a cover, you can’t place both a filter cover, and the pump on the pipe to limit what it can take out so that one always pulls water and one always pulls co2. Did you put both pumps on two nonouple pipes that are connected to each other, then filter from there? What keeps both pumps from pulling only water until it is all gone?

Note that it mostly isn’t a problem since the turbine seems to have a good internal capacity and doesn’t have to run long to top off my EV battery bank, then the water clears out and finally the CO2, but I was observing it with a magnifier and thought it was odd.

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I took two Drums actually, lol. But two Nonuples would be fine wouldn’t they? Wait what exactly are you trying to even Filter? If two Pump Covers work at the same tick, one will drain one Turbine Tank and the other will drain the other Turbine Tank, no filtering needed, if they are connected to the same Pipes anyways.

Because I want to send the water down the pipe back to my main water tank, and the CO2 elsewhere.

Oh, I assumed that they would both go for the water first.

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If one sucks all the water, there is no water left for the second one. :wink:

And Fluid Extenders can do the Filtering and Pumps too. And they are cheaper than the Universal Extenders you need for more complicated Stuff.

So why does the pump refuse to extract the CO2 if there is just 1L of water in the nonouple pipe?

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uh what? are you sure it is not some other Issue? The Nonuple Pipe should have no Issue accepting, so I guess the Pump is trying to do Water if there still is Water in the Turbine.

Nope… all of the water gets out of the turbine, but it takes another minute for it to all flow out of the nonouple pipe, through the filter, down the run of single pipe into my tank and until the pipe is completely empty, no CO2 comes out. Once all of the water is gone, then the pump switches to CO2. All of this is after the turbine has shut off.

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That might be an Issue related to your Setup and not the Pump itself then. Tried using a Quadruple Pipe instead? Those have higher throughput. You will still need 2 Pumps though.

Why does it not work with one pump and a nonouple pipe? I would think that once all of the water is out of the turbine, the pump would start moving the CO2 into the pipe, but it won’t until every last liter of water exits the nonouple pipe. I’m not really sure how a quad pipe would help. It might have higher throughput, but at beast that would make it drain faster. It can’t actually drain faster though because I just have normal pipe on the other side of the filter heading off to the invar 3x3x3 tank. And only half of the water in the pipe moves out to the next segment, so as it drains, it moves slower, and slower.

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The Pump does ONE movement of Fluid per operation, this ONE movement only works for ONE Fluid at a time. This means there is ALWAYS Water inside the Turbine, and the Turbine is never empty. That is why you need 2 Pumps no matter what.

Again, this is after then turbine has TURNED OFF, then after a few seconds, all of the water has been removed, and the amount of water in the nonouple pipe slowly decreases, and the CO2 only is inserted after the nonouple pipe is COMPLETELY EMPTY.

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Wait what? Something must be borked then, because the Pump should be able to insert into the Pipe.

And the Code also says it takes the first Fluid of the Turbine and tries to insert it into the Pipe. So the first Fluid inside the Turbine must still be the one you dont want. Can you try two Pumps, just to make sure you are correct with your assumption?

Edit: Because I do not think you are measuring the Water inside the Turbine correctly or at all. The Water doesn’t “slowly” decrease in Pipes, it is quite fast.

The only way I can see for that to happen is if for some reason, the pump kept moving water from the turbine to the pipe, but either it is only moving half of it each time, or the turbine is still producing more, even though it has been shut off. I have a good 30 segments of pipe between the nonouple and the big tank, and iirc, only half of the difference in liquid between the two pipes moves from the one that has more to the next one in the line that has less on each tick, so it can take a while for every last bit of it to drain out since the less there is in the pipe, the less the flow rate is. And with the somewhat long pipe, the difference in volume between each segment is small.

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Did you update GT6 recently at all? Just making sure its not the Pipe Pathing Issue that I fixed quite a while ago.

Yep… running 6.14.08.

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