Project Red comparisons MC 1.12.2 and MC 1.7.10

Project Red comparisons MC 1.12.2 and MC 1.7.10

As a stand alone mod, Project Red for MC 1.12.2 works great as long as one does not stumble across several serious bugs causing Minecraft to freeze completely or breaking the world. I can say what does work has great potential, but as usual patience is needed while waiting for the author to update the mod.
While most circuits work well in the IC WorkBench /Ic chip printer, the new self diagnostic, the author added, doe not allow any type of RS latch to be use without causing an overload error. Ignoring the error only results in a non-working IC chip.
Project Red for MC 1.7.10, logic circuits work very reliably, sometimes the item transportation does not always work with other mods, but overall not a bad mod. The IC WorkBench and IC chip printer work together pretty good, but the IC chips themselves are extremely inefficient. It seems there are so many different delays occurring between individual components, any intended output gets badly confused. For example, I tried to create a 3bit up/down counter. The resulting output was totally random and made no sense.
Overall, I recommend as a stand alone mod, in creative mode, you stay with the MC 1.7.10 version,as it has the least amount of bugs. Just don’t use the IC chip system unless you happen to know some config which actually works well to help save space.