Problems with Biomes O' Plenty

I want to ask you to fix a few bugs with this mod.

  1. Spreading water from your mod destroys water lilies and some flowers from the Biomes O’ Plenty mod.

  2. Please check the correctness of the distribution of water from your mod next to the water from Biomes O’ Plenty. I do not know if it has its own type, but I can say for sure that the water from your mod partially replaces it. And it is not always correct.

  3. Ocean water does not always replace normal water in biomes from this mod. The screenshot shows an example with the “Oasis” biome. Normal water is located in the “Oasis” biome, not the “River”.

And now I want to tell you about the offers.

  1. Biomes O’ Plenty has a “Maple Woods” biome. It generates maples from this mod, but they are useless, since they are essentially oak. I think it’s worth replacing them with maples from your mod since they have their own wood.
  2. It also turns out that there are two types of dead log. As well as two types of mud. I am sure that they can be unified.
  3. There are two types of willow, but at least they have different wood, although this can also be unified.
    I will be very glad to see your answers!
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Okay first of all, yes I know BoP has hardcoded checks for the vanilla water block, I am not sure how to fix that particular Issue.

Oasis counts as a Lake Biome, so Oceans do not spread towards it.

BoP Maple Forests already are supposed to spawn GT6 Maple Trees, and I am pretty sure they do spawn in there.

Dead Logs in BoP are from Persimmon Trees weirdly enough, so not specifically the same as the GT6 ones. They are definitely a registered Wood Type in my List.

The different Types of Mud and Mud Bricks should be interchangeable in pretty much all relevant Recipes. There is a Generifier Recipe to change the Mud Type if needed. Unification would not work for this by the way.

“Blocks” will never be unified, as they may have decorative purpose in their respective Mods. So you will have to deal with two different Types of Willow Planks, but you wont have to deal with different Willow Sticks, for example.

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So such a rough transition from one type of water to another is normal? In many cases, there is a smooth transition.

Yes, you are right, they are generated, but in small numbers. And considering that maple in BOP is oak, maple from this mod has no decorative value. By the way, the same maple is generated in the “Season forest” biome.

I don’t quite understand what the persimmon has to do with it)

Can you tell me more about this, please?

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By the way, why did you decide to keep the ore from this mod?
Also, the flowers that grow on the stone are also destroyed on the stone from your mod.

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By the way, will turning off the water from your mod in the configuration somehow significantly affect the game with your mod?

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Probably for the same reason that vanilla ore is still being generated

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Unfortunately, ExtraBiomesXL has the same problem

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Me neither, but Persimmon Trees somehow have Dead Wood Logs.

The Generifier is a Machine you can get in the Midgame that will convert a great number of things into either a more generic version or cycle through its known variants (in case of Mud). Also it does not need Power to work with.

My Flowers grow on Dirt or Sand, not Stone. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes Ores are there, geez why do people keep asking about that…

Well, it would probably be slightly more difficult to get infinite Water, but apart from that I guess its fine.


Sorry for the late response. I’m talking about the flowers from BOP - Miner’s Delight. They grow on the vanilla stone, but they are destroyed on the stones from your mod.

In almost all of them :grinning: Why is unification not suitable in this case? In this case, I doubt that there is any decorative value.

If they cannot be replaced, can you increase the maple generation from your mod?

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Oh, that one cant be fixed without hacking BoP itself. Luckily I do generate quite a bit of vanilla Stone, so its not extinct.

While for the Mud Brick ITEM i would agree, sadly the Mud Brick BLOCKS are crafted from that Item, and I cant really add different Recipes (that make sense) without overlapping too much.

They actually generate quite a lot already, so I would rather not increase that any further.

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I also noticed one feature. You can’t pour blood and poison from BOP into buckets from your mod, unlike vanilla buckets. Can this be fixed?

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Buckets are quite the clusterfuck in modded Minecraft, I am not sure if I can get this to work as intended.

Hmm, it’s strange, because you can pour honey from BOP into buckets from your mod. This is probably possible, because because honey from BOP and from Forestry is compatible.

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