Problem with river water not being generated at the height set in the config

Please forgive me for asking this question via automatic translation.

In version 6.14.03, the river was generated with the altitude set in the config, but since 6.14.04, it is not generated with the altitude set in the config. Does this have anything to do with the version check not working?

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Oh that could be because I ended up removing that specific Config Value, since I needed to special-case a lot of Mods with the actual River Height, like Twilight Forest or TerraFirmaCraft.

I can fix the Issue ofcourse, but I would like to know what you need the River Height Config for? Is it a Mod or is it very custom Worldgen? Or a Dimension that needs it?

Edit: I just looked at the Code and at least for the Overworld the Config should work, so which Dimensions does this Problem exist for?

The problem is occurring in the overworld.
After world generation, when I look at the river, the water in the river is in two layers as shown in the image.
I don’t have any particular inconvenience, I just wanted to know if this change is a spec or a glitch.

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Wait is that WITH or WITHOUT your configuration messing around? Because 62 is the exact Height it needs to be for a normal World.

I have the same problem and got “gregtech.cfg_20201229_030641.errored” file with the worldgen

Configuration file

blocks {

crates {


debug {

general {

news {
B:" 301 Moved Permanently

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The document has moved <a href=“h**ps://">here.


visibility {

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Sorry, it was set to y62 or higher.
If I set it to y63 or higher, it was generated at y62, and if I set it to y61 or lower, it was generated at the altitude as per the config.

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Uhh your sentence can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. But I assume you mean that it doesn’t generate at higher Values, which is obvious since it replaces the already existing Water with Riverwater and nothing else. It wont flood your World for no reason.

Edit: as for that weird Error in the Config, something is fucked on an internet scale. Also this is clearly not the same problem as Tanaka has, like super obviously not the same Issue.

Sorry for my poor English skill

I create a new world by GT6.14.04 without any other mods and didn’t change config files, the river makes layers like that image. Before ver 6.14.03, river filled with GT River Water (the height set to y=62 in anyway)with out vanilla water layer

Am I making sense?

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Wait but that Config you gave is completely unrelated to the Error you are getting?

Yes, I don’t know the relations

i could find just that error and gregtech.log also says;
GT_DL_Thread: Failed Downloading Version Number of the latest Major Version! PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

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Sorry, I was posting on behalf of nnnaoko, who did not have an account. He did get an account and seems to have become one, so I’ll switch to him.

He wanted to set all the water in the river biome to be river water.

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Okay I looked through my Test World and newly generated terrain has that Issue which is surprising because I did not see this happen to Bear at all while he was testing. I will fix that for sure in the next Version.

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I’ll keep analysing the cause, thank you

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Found and fixed the Issue. Gonna be released later this year. XD


Thank you for addressing the issue.
I’m sorry for the delay in replying.

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