Problem with Molten Matrial, Pipe and Mold

I have 144l CaF2, 144l U235 and 240l U238 in this pipe, and I want to output those Molten Matrial into Mold.
144l Molten Matrial is an ingot, but the pipe only output when there are more than 288l liquid. There are always some liquid stay in pipe, how can I solve this problem?


Molds only accept exact amounts, if the Fluid has spread over two pipes, the exact amount is suddenly halved and can never enter the Mold. The Solution would be to only ever use one Pipe at a time.

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There is only one Tube.

if I put a Barrel on top of the Mold, I can output 144l Molten Matrial, put I can’t output 144l Molten Matrial from a pipe.


Oh right I forgot to mention Pipes only ever send half of whats inside regardless. Using Drums above the Molds may be advised.