Problem with making Catwalks from gregtech 6 steel bars


I have issue with make simple catwalks:

As you can see, in point 1, steel bars can be placed on one block when they are connected together but can not be placed on one block like in point 3. There is only one way to make catwalks, point 2. Is there any way to make two steel bars possible to be placed on one block on opposite sides?


Oh right, that Issue… Somehow Rightclick Events are not even passed to anything when clicking on the inner Face of the Iron Bar Block, kinda breaking pretty much everything…

I might have got an idea how to fix it, but I am not sure if its gonna work so we will see next Version on Sunday/Monday. ^^


Okay I fixed it, in a horribly hacky way but its fixed. I made the Selection Box and the Hitbox scan for Players closeby that happen to hold the Item that the Bars are made of and then just switched to full Block Boxes when those are held.