Problem with fast leaf decay?


i am currently playing a GT6 survival world and wanted to use Steves Carts as a Treefarm but the GT6 fast leaf decay is too fast for the carts. If i put the FastLeafDecay line in the main cfg to false they still disappear at the speed like they did before am i missing something or is this a bug? Tried it on my current world and a new one. Also tried it on a fresh instance in multimc with nothing but Forge 1614, FastCraft and GT6 but alas it was still the same…

Vanilla Leaves are disappearing at the pace that they should.

I am using version 6.15.10 which should be the latest one.

Hopefully its a bug and not a feature i don’t wanna trigger anyone with my stupidity :sweat_smile:

I also have attached my main cfg file

PS greg you troll i almost got a heart attack reading some item names today :joy:
gregtech.cfg (2.7 KB)


Wait define “too fast”, because that wouldn’t make any sense unless the Cart is slow picking things up.

And my Fast Leaf Decay Config only applies to Vanilla and other Mods, not GregTech because I use an entirely different and much less laggy Leaf Decay System.

And yes, every April First and a day or two after, the Localization changes for some Materials. XD


Well steves carts is a little dumb in that regard it chops the tree upwards meaning first goes the logs and then the leaves which is a problem since GT6’s fast leaf decay is so fast it doesn’t allow the cart to shear the leaves and lets a bunch of saplings go to waste meaning the cart doesn’t get enough to “Restock” and it runs out of saplings eventually.

It’s kind of a pity that the fast leaf decay option only affects vanilla, i mean don’t get me wrong fast leaf decay is awesome and works great in GT6 just in this particular situation it’s really annoying. Well i guess im going to have to get a mod with a vaccuum hopper or something so that i can get all the “leftovers” back…

Thx anyways and to avoid bumping i’ll mark your answer as the solution.

Maybe consider adding a line to the config where it says only affects vanilla trees?


It also affects most other Mods Trees though. And when you said shearing doesn’t that mean it actually silk harvests the Leaves?

Also the bumping only happens because I seriously need to finally get my shit together and fix those things instead of playing DF. XD

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Nah with shearing I meant that as in normal breaking of the leaves, I just expressed myself a little unfortunate.

I don’t know why Steve’s carts does that so poorly but the dev stopped in 2014 and since then never got an update on 1.7 so it’s unlikely anything will be done to fix that I guess it affects other mods too but I haven’t tested that I only tested it with coconut trees the one I intend to farm…


Forestry Multifarms are compatible with GT6 Trees by the way. :wink:


Thaumcraft golems make good tree farms. So does Botania.


Oh they are? Guess I’m going to uninstall Steve’s Carts and getting Forestry instead!

I remember them as horribly incompatible with other mods?

Thaumcraft is one that I won’t get I don’t like it that much the last time I really knew what I was doing in Thaumcraft was in 1.4.7 :sweat_smile: when the og ftb lite and ultimate were still “The best mod packs”


Forestry Tree Farms require dedicated Compat written by the Mod adding the Tree, which I actually did do, so yeah it definitely works. :wink:


Hooray for actual effort!


Ok this bumping thing is very annoying this is the 3rd time I marked a solution hopefully it remembers this time :sweat_smile:


Damnit, i had to unmark it that often. XD

I kindof use the bumping to make sure i EVENTUALLY fix issues you know XD