Problem of implosion recipes

Problem of implosion recipes

1 gem dust + 8 TNT + Selector Tag 0 ==Implosion==1 gem plate
1 gem dust + 8 TNT + Selector Tag 1 ==Implosion==1 gem
1 gem dust + 32 TNT + Selector Tag 2 ==Implosion==1 flawless gem
1 gem dust + 64 TNT + Selector Tag 3 ==Implosion==1 exquisite gem
Why are flawless gems twice the amount of material and four times the amount of explosives needed? While exquisite gems are twice as much as flawless gems, explosives only need twice as much as flawless gems? Is it because of the stack limit?


Because Stack Limit indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just wondering why it takes twice as much material to implosion flawless gems and four times as much explosives…

Also, I hope to add a recipe like GT5U for implosion low-grade gems into high-grade gems. I don’t know whether to wear them down or not, so that at least chipped and flawed gems don’t need to be ground into dust to be useful.

One fucking thing is that you You can’t make Ruby crystal processors by implode Ruby dust to ruby plate.(Because Ruby dust will implode to sapphire plate), so you can only dig rubies in the desert instead of “lazy” methods such as centrifugal redstone.


Yeah you gotta shredder those low quality Gems. It wouldn’t make sense not to use Dust for all of this.

And I planned on usage of the Crystallization Crucible for Sapphires, which I should probably finally add.