Problem for Disposal of retired equipments

During the development of gt6, you always have to retire some equipment (after all, you can’t still use LV machines after making fusion reactors). How to dispose of these retired equipment has become a problem.
There is a disassembler in gt5u, which can disassemble and recycle some materials (although some materials may be lost). In gt6, low-grade equipment can be directly smashed in the shredder without material loss (although it takes a long time). However, for some equipment with more than 6 kinds of materials and equipment requiring circuit boards (such as battery boxes), serious losses will be caused. Moreover, it is troublesome to restore the materials dust to usable forms. Maybe adding the disassembler back is a possible solution? (if the crafted materials can be replaced, the “lowest” one will be disassembled by default, for example, the circuit board will be disassembled to the lowest tier that can be crafted).

To tell you the truth, I am a very stubborn person (so that I stayed in the old version for more than a year due to changing the smelting method of steel). Due to this problem, I have not upgraded the voltage level much. Although sometimes I feel that “it’s time to upgrade” due to energy shortage, transmission loss and low efficiency, I have been stagnant due to this problem. In addition, this is also a disadvantage of gt6: most recipes can be processed in LV period, resulting in often no power to upgrade the voltage, and most production lines can be built in LV period, resulting in a large number of retired equipment to be disposal when upgrading the voltage.


Could just keep LV stuff around anyway for low yield recipes, transforming down on-demand is very efficient. :slight_smile:

But yeah, a disassembler would be nice.


Maybe crafting the item with a wrench and crowbar gives you 60% chance per item of getting back items used to make it? Either that percentage scales with tool quality, or an electric robotic machine which gives 90%?

That’d be an interesting idea. I normally just shred old machines since it gives back most things.