Preparation list of Fusion Reactor

Building a fusion reactor is an expensive and difficult process, and I have compiled this list to show what it takes to build a fusion reactor, which includes only the building of the reactor itself, not the supporting system (material supply, energy input, etc.)

Block list:
144 large iridium coil, 576 tungstensteel wall, 53 galvanized steel wall, 36 stainless steel wall, 50 ventilation unit, 3 versatile quadcore processor unit, 12 logic quadcore processor unit, 12 controlled quadcore processor unit, 1 mainblock.

Components list: 208 ultimate circuits, 51 diamond crystal processors, 51 ruby crystal processors, 3 emerald crystal processors, 3 sapphire crystal processors, 150 air vents, 150 LV compact electric motors, 8 IV compact force field emitters, 1152 4x iridium wires, 77 galvanized steel mechanical casings, 2308 tungstensteel plates, 212 galvanized steel plates, 144 stainless steel plates.

Material list: 2308 units of tungsten steel, 2304 units of iridium, 1237.5 units of steel, 1053 units of galvanized steel, 192 units of stainless steel, 864 units of silver, 1092 units of platinum, 1180 units of copper, 328 units of signalum, 32 units of titanium, 64 units of osmium , 288 units of redstone alloy, 200 units of silicon (can be replaced by germanium or redstone alloy), 216 units of red alloy (can be replaced by signalum), 1164 units of rubber, 1196 units of plastic, 1196 units of any silicon dioxide, 432 units of glass, 51 units of diamonds, 51 units Rubies, 3 units of emeralds, 3 units of sapphires, 8 units of Nether Star, 432000L helium-neon, 122000L any noble gas.
(I’m not sure if I’m wrong in calculation)
Here, the quantities of silicon and redstone alloys are refined (assuming you’ve been recovering the tiny pile of dusts left after cutting and using them as “seeds” or melting them for the next crystallization)