Practically infinite bronze via thaumcraft compatibility recipe

To make 3 bronze nugget you need 2, because the recipe requires 2 metallum and 1 instrumentum, bronze nugget has 2 metallum and 1 instrumentum, making the only spent resource being fuel and a little bit of time. This doesn’t sound balanced, and I wonder if it is intended like that.

If it wasn’t intended, maybe give 2 nuggets instead of 3, which would make it necessary to use flint as instrumentum source, or make it require 3 metallum, which would require you to convert 2 bronze nuggets and for example 1 copper nugget to get 3 bronze nuggets out, aka equivalent exchange.


You can get the Metallum Aspect from things like Butter, Aspects dont really make sense, so I dont add even more Metals to the Thaumcraft Transmutation List. :wink:


Fair enough, I guess it just going to be the case of not using OP shit to not ruin the fun of spending hours and hours mining and smelting, since the game is literally just about that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: