Plaster of Paris, Textured Coatings and Plasterboard for the decorators

The oregen in GT6 may have gypsum, used for plaster production. The dry PoP powder is combined with water in the mixer, making wet plaster. The wet plaster can be applied to wooden, iron or steel plates to make plasterboard, with a thickness ratio of eight parts plaster to one part metal or wood. When the wet plaster is put in buckets, they contain enough plaster to coat sixteen non-plasterboard block faces and 64 plasterboard block faces.

Producing the dry PoP powder involves heating the gypsum dust to 150 degrees Celsius.

Plastering block faces will involve a bucket of wet plaster and a plastering trowel. The wet plaster fully sets three days after application. Dry plastered surfaces can be painted and coated just like C-foam. Applying plaster to plasterboard only fills the seams and holes, using 4x less wet plaster in your bucket.

Plasterboard is a cover used to hide imperfections in infrastructure and can be used with frame boxes to build plasterboard walls.

The textured coatings are made in a similar way to plaster but with asbestos dust added as a thickener and strengthener.

The plaster could be useful for future redecoration of the Bears Den GT6 server’s base.