Plant Mega Pack OreDict entries

Hey Greg,
This is one of those “I’m not sure if GT6 is doing stuff with this mod because it has integration with so many things” questions:

If you don’t remember doing stuff related to it or GT has nothing to do with this; close and ignore please :slight_smile: Then I’ll MineTweak fix it myself.

All Plant Mega Pack food and crop oredict values are mixed up (the plant item itself has the GT oredict entries in place of the food item).



Uhh what Mod? Never heard of that one. And something seems off on that one lol.


Dumb Question, is there any credible download Link for that Plant Mega Pack Mod? I didnt find it on Curse, and the “Minecraft Forums” Site i found was literally just a “-” away from the domain of the real Minecraft Forums.


First of all, sorry for suspecting GT xD

It’s a mod that adds TONS of new flora. Like really, a lot. It’s been in my hosted Modpack forever because it really makes the world a lot more “fancy”.
Also adds a lot new growable Vegetables which helps with Spice of Life :smile:

Regarding the thing that it’s not to be found anywhere:

10Pak took down his mods from basically all of the Internet and said “I can’t deal with publicly developing my mods, I’m taking them with me goodbye” and wasn’t heard from again. Somebody on MCF created their own fork using downloads from boogie, third party hosters like 9minecraft and decompiling & reassembling the code to port to future versions, but it didn’t work the greatest

I can send you the last version I still have archived since then, or if you chose randomly found .jar; MD5 of the latest version from a credible site plantmegapack-4.33-1.7.10-1492.jar 9E3917B1EA4234A179FEAC31781DB612 :slight_smile:

(Oh also I’m probably starting to MineTweak the OreDict values myself, or are you planning on something?)


You cant remove oredict from gt6 machines, that only works for crafting recipes.

And I do need a stable trustworthy download link before I do anything, without having to host it myself.


I meant the OreDict values from the Items, I guess this will work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t provide that, since the authors permission to publicly host would be needed (which is very unlinkely to get, if someone purposely took down something from everywhere).

So I guess, since my original question was answerded and I also can’t host it, this is “solved” from my side.
Thanks for the quick answers and sorry for bothering you with that :hugs:


I use plant megapack, my version is plantmegapack-4.31-1.7.10-1492.jar, two versions before this one.

There are references to is on and but I believe the original site is long gone. Hence why my version is out of date.


My mistake that was an archived version my current version is 4.33