Pebbles, stone and gravel

I like the idea of the recipe for stone dust to gravel, but I think you might be missing a step.
Currently you have 9 stone dust → 1 gravel and other X dusts to block of X dust.

I think everything should follow
9 X dusts → block of X dust
9 pebbles of type X → gravel block of type X

Yes this does mean you need to make up a number of new gravel blocks but you can then bring back the stone dust block that was removed and it means you can utilize the pebbles you get from breaking stone tools, etc and group them into gravel.

Placing pebbles is also kind of strange, you can place pebbles and they will place themselves automatically too I believe, makes sense for the amount you get in the early game from cleaning the crucible / breaking tools. I do end up just throwing them on the ground, but they don’t seem to stack. Sure I can place multiple pebbles on the ground but the shape, or pattern doesn’t change. I think it should layer up to a gravel block as you reach 9 pebbles similar to plates and ingots.

While I’m at it I’ll rudely ask for some more blocks, could we have the ability to stack rods and long rods as we do ingots and plates? I think that would look pretty neat.


I wont do the gravel block, and 4 rocks make cobblestone already. Making Rods placeable is just a question of model.


Pebbles are pretty annoying, they always fill your inventory…


that’s why they can be thrown away :wink:


I always make a little hole near my crucibles to just chuck them in there. They don’t stack either (if they would stack on the floor infinitely, that would be op). I just want to eat the goddamn pebbles >:|


That is what i call rock candy XD



Maybe get a tooth back afterwards too? Could grind it into a tiny pile (or even 1/72 or so?) of bone dust? Lol.


Error report - Infinite teeth glitch.


Nah, no glitch, you gotta consume that rock somehow, either by swallowing (not too many too fast!) or into a powder or something, lol. ^.^


While the block of stone scrap idea makes intuitive sense, it lacks in game coherence of scrap being awful and useless unless melted or ground. Doing it as gravel also keeps the stone dust != sand artificial construct; the implication that dust isn’t as fine as sand is why I personally support Gravel == block of raw stone (ore) [but that’d be horrifying on the multiplicity], since there is also no block of crushed ore.

Maybe Steve is secretly an Ork? Infinite teef is literally why the gold-tooth clan is richest, iirc, lol.


Oh, not to mention, I haven’t noticed that my pebble is filled with a chest… Maybe four ore bearing pebbles can be used to craft a raw ore and then crush into crushed ore?


Uh, yeah, this is not One Piece where you can drink a Glass of Milk and instantly all your dental problems are solved.


Little clear up here for translation, there are several distinct ‘types’ that I think might be lost in translation.

dust - pile of dust, 9 small dusts make 1 dust and 9 dusts make one block of dust.

pebble - the scrap left over from broken stone tools and meteorite iron/steel, looks like a pile of little balls. This is the one I propose can be made into gravel as it is in the form of gravel stones.

scrap - the jagged leftovers from metal working or broken tools, also including wood scraps here too. Would not be allowed to form a block because it is scrap and therefore non uniform.

stone - the rocks you find lying around and from breaking cobblestone. 4 of these combine to make cobblestone. This is where I think the confusion arises with Mr.CHEN and pebbles.

cobblestone - standard mined stone block.