On the Problems of Large Electric Oven


1,Are there no mainblock for large electric oven? In changelog, there are 18 invar walls and 8 coil blocks. Don’t there be any mainblock? If there is no mainblock, it’s hard for players to know how to construction the multiblock, and it’s not reasonable.
2,Are coil blocks multiple coils like GT5U industrial smelter or are they nichrome coils only in screenshots?
3,Can large electric oven only process the recipes of vanilla furnaces or can they process some similar and more high tier recipes? For example, the vanilla furnace can smelt tin dust into ingots, but not iron dust into ingots, because the stone can not withstand the high temperature of melting iron. I think GT oven should be OK and graded by coils, just like GT5 blast furnaces. This will make the GT oven more useful.
4,Will smelting equipment similar to blast furnaces be added in the future? It’s too much trouble to make steel in a crucible… And even in the lategame, it still needs to be done (because steel can’t be produced in a mixer like other alloys). I think some more advanced smelting equipment is needed.

  1. You forget that the Main Block is usually crafted with one of the 18 Blocks, making it work kindof like it is just another one.

  2. They are Coil Blocks just like the Copper Coils and stuff, didnt you look at the Screenshot?

  3. Oven = Furnace Only.

  4. There wont be a “Basic Machine” Type of Multiblock for Blast Furnace, there will be a Multiblock Crucible, which can do the Blast Furnace Job instead.

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imho, we still need blast furnace for steelmaking in high tier

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