Oil Spawn question

I’ve switched to GT6 recently. I had a great expericence with GT5 and I love both.
Back in GT5, oil mining and world spawn was great, but i can find any information on GT6 oil spawns, mining, etc… I only found Oil shale, which is not very convinient.
So, how and where I can find oil in GT6?

Thanks for the help.


Oil in GT5? Didn’t I just tell people to use PFAA or Buildcraft for that back in the olden days?

GT6 does have Oil near Bedrock, including infinite Bedrock Springs whenever they touch Bedrock. Same goes for Natural Gas. However there is no indicators for Liquid Oil, so you have to find Oil by the good old branch mining underground method.


I’ve used GT5 in a FTB pack, so, I assumed It was a feature of GT5.


Yeah the infinite oil (and water and natural gas and such) springs that are at bedrock level are super useful!

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