Oil should be treated in more detail

Now in GT6.For the refinement of oil stopped at nitrodiesel, diesel oil and nitroglycerin can be stirred to obtain it and increase the calorific value.But in GT6,The fastest way to use fuel to generate electricity is through gas turbines to produce RU and then use the muti-block electric generator to produce EU.So these oils should have a more detailed treatment process to make their calorific value higher.
In addition, for Creosote Oil calorific value enhancement program, a distillation column formula can be added or further processed in future pyrolysis furnaces.


I don’t think refining creosote is going to be as useful as you might think.

I also thought of being able to refine creosote into more valuable compounds but the reality is there isn’t really much point. My research suggests that wood-tar creosote (the variant I assume is being created) is little more than a bunch of different phenols, with the majority proportion being guaiacol and creosol. Neither of which are really better than creosote itself with their main uses in industry used mostly for flavoring and as a disinfectant. I couldn’t find anything on refinement of creosote other than an obscure paper in portuguese discussing the purification and enriching of wood tar using various chemicals.

Truth be told creosote is generally considered a waste product that makes a good wood preserver, it isn’t a very good fuel to begin with and I can’t find much on anyone refining it into something better.

Of course if anyone has further information I’ld love to hear it.


Yeah Creosote is a Waste Product, not a Fuel Product.

As for methods of Power generation, I am not fully done with adding Generators yet, so you don’t know how useful Diesel and Stuff are.


Diesel generators like GT5? I’m looking forward to it! It will solve my electricity problem! After all, my full automation requires a lot of electric engines.


Creosote oil is not really a good fuel, but it can be treated as some potentially useful chemical raw materials, such as phenol, at least distilled creosote oil is more convenient than chlorobenzene + alkali or cumene, although the yield may not be high. As for guaiacol, it seems that it can only be used to replace creosote oil to preserve wood (because there is no need for daily chemicals in the game)… Other phenols, such as methylphenol, do not seem to have much use…
In addition, I am very concerned about the chemical production, such as the recipe of hydrogen peroxide, synthetic ammonia and coal tar obtained for pyrolysis oven when to add?


Many natural organic chemistry products are used in organic synthesis,as starting materials.So for them,the industrial applications will much less than research needs.:writing_hand:Their usage are mainly focus on daily necessities and pharmaceuticals.Our Steve is so staunch that he(or she,maybe not human,depend on your skin)seldom need them.(This system is interesting,but we have /kill or /suicide.)

Another problem is organic reactions.In Minecraft,all production process are based on “recipes”,means that you need to added them to the game one by one.So there will have a lot of work to do.Especially these common matters,like Ethylene or Benzene.

These organic reactions need much better reaction environment than those inorganic ones.Also,in most cases, the reaction is not equimolar,means may have difficulty in balance them.:thinking:

But once these problems are solved, they can bring a brand new chemical industry field,which will extend game time and experience strongly.:smile: