Official GregTech release for newer versions?

As of right now, the latest GregTech is for 1.7.10. However, there are community forks going up to 1.12.2. Will we be able to get an official version of the mod for 1.12.2 or beyond? I don’t mind playing community versions but I also trust GregoriusT to create the best version of GregTech.


The best Version of GregTech is only available for good Versions of Minecraft, which means 1.7.10. :wink:

They REALLY fucked up the Codebase badly, so I am not willing to port GT6 to later MC Versions.


Thanks for the response. I’d argue that ‘good versions of Minecraft’ only go up to Beta 1.7.3, but that’s neither here nor there.


There’s no official GT6 for 1.7.10+ (infact GT6 will be the last GT version before Greg leaves MC modding for good to work on his own game) but there is (atleast) 1 port to modern MC, (still in Alpha) and quite a few similar mods.