Octree questions

According to Game Ideas:

Note: I later found out Octrees exist, so that will probably solve a lot of Issues that a Chunk Grid System would have, so some of this following Stuff doesn’t apply anymore.
,mechaenetia will use octree to store maps.As far as I know,the octree are mostly used in searching, so I’ve got some questions:

  1. How about the performance? When using octree,reading from map will be replaced by searching on tree,and time complexity is O(log(N)). For example,an 128128128 world will need sevenfold times than Grid System.

  2. How to use octree effively?The world is flat,the octrees are cube, so most of octrees are wasted,and time cost will also be raised.

  3. How will octree looping maps? Planet is a torus, so it can loop on border, and octree may have some difficultys on border.


Octree’s are just spatial arrangements, and they may not even be used, rather just recursive blocks may be. Who knows yet.