Observations about inconsistencies

First of all, sorry for my English.

  1. Crafting recipes for the clay molds do not return another used ingredient (ingot/plate/…).
  2. Big meteorites are actually “stone ores” (while regular ones are chunks of 2.25 of pure material), and therefore do need regular ore processing, which may be not available in early-early game.
  3. Despite rocks being buffed to 2.25 of pure material, other recipes which included those rocks had not been buffed (torches from “Stick + Coal bearing rock”, flint and tinder from “Certus Quartz + Flint”, …).
  4. New Vanilla Rock Layer (the one with Vanilla Ores) probably does not consider B:DisableVanillaOres=true. If that statement is true, how do I disable treir generation?

P. S.: I would debug/fix all of these myself, but i’d never studied programming in Java.

  1. That is how Crafting Recipes work, you cannot specify which Item gives back what, if I let Ingots be gotten back in one Recipe I have to do it for ALL INGOTS in ALL RECIPES, and that would be hilariously broken. Yes the Item dictates what you get back, not the Crafting Recipe, the Item does not even know what Recipe it was used in. Edit: Use cheap things like Bricks for the Ingot Molds or Wood for Plate and Tool Molds. :wink:

  2. Big Meteorites are actually “Raw Ores”, which happen to have a Crucible Special Case that lets you process them in there. And ever since I added that Crucible Special Case, I also added one for Ore Blocks too, though that one is still inefficient, because in both cases you get one Ingot per Ore.

  3. They actually have been buffed to be equal to Coal Gems for Torches, they were four times worse before. And most of the time the sentiment on Rocks is “if you have to use them, sure you can, but dont use Rocks otherwise”, which this is perfectly representing in those Recipes.

  4. There is ways to disable vanilla Ores in the Worldgen Config by just disabling the Ores themselves that are Listed in the “Stone”-Stone-Layer (yes I actively generate them in there for Compat reasons). The DisableVanillaOres Config is ONLY to disable the original way those Ores generate, and has nothing to do with the Vanilla Ore Blocks themselves.

Hope those bits of Info helped. ^^


Thanks, that’s very useful. There are a bit of observations too though =D
2. If I’m going to smelt Big Meteorites in early-early game (where they are supposed to be used), I’ll most probably get around the same amount of product as with regular Meteorites. So the impact of their existence (instead of regular Meteorites), as it is, is not making the progression more stable, but teasing the player.
3. They are quantitatively equal to 2.25 of Coal though, so that’s a bit of inconsistensy.
4. There are two questions then:

  1. Should I disable just Vanilla ores in it or disable all ores (for example, B:BlackEye_true)?
  2. Should I disable ores listed for “deepslate” stonelayer too (because there are Vanilla ores too and, strangely, only one not Vanilla ore - B:Copper_true)?

Yeah Big Meteorites are only slightly better than the Rock Meteorites, though they do contain byproducts too, and you can always crush them or at least hammer them on an Anvil. :wink:

As for the Ores, why do you exactly want to disable them all in the first place? Did you not just wanna get rid of the vanilla ones?

And Copper is technically a vanilla Ore by now, ever since Mojang added it in later MC Versions.

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I believe there’s a reason behind new GregTech ore generation, and this single compatibility-driven layer is not following it. That’s all, I guess.
Waiting for fusion reactors in Vanilla roughly in 2050-s :smiley:


also I’m not fanatic of returned vanilla ores too


Hehe, yeah I understand.

I also hate how when they added Oxidation for Copper, why the heck they did not do that for Iron Blocks too! Rusty Iron Blocks would be such a great decorative!

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