Nuclear fuel rod heat per tick (in Reactor core)

Nuclear fuel rod heat per tick (in Reactor core)

How much HU/t produced by different rod types if i convert all heated coolant using heat exchangers?
More clearly: What type of exchanger should i use for every fuel rod type (e.g 128 HU/t, 256 HU/t e.t.c) to maintain continuous work.


If you just dont want it to flicker then use a Heat Exchanger that is only slightly larger than needed or exactly fitting the output.

If you want a specific constant Output amount take a smaller or equal one instead, and then route the excess Hot Fluid somewhere else.


How much HU/t produced by one Uranium-238 rod? What type of exchanger i should use? Does 4 rod produce more than 4 x HU/t and how to calculate it.
I want to build EU generator using steam heated by heat exchanger connected to reactor. I need some suggestions or exact numbers of each rod output. I simply dont understand what tier turbine and dynamo i should craft.


Heat produced by single rod depends on which rods are placed next to it.
Experimenting in creative is helpful.

Finished my first reactor just today :slightly_smiling_face::
4 Uranium-238, 6 Thorium-230, 12 absorbers, output is 912HU/t.