NTM's Boron Glass and Lead Glass are uncraftable with GregTech 6 installed

title. the only recipe listed for all of NTM’s glass blocks is the Boxinator recipe for combining 9 glass gems into a glass block.

dunno if i can ping Bob here so if someone can figure out how to get his attention so he can see this, that’d be neat

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You mean @TheBobcat ?

Also what was the original Recipe of those supposed to be? I would like to know if i deleted it or if bob did

i’m not sure what the original recipe was, but i’m pretty sure for Boron Glass you smelt it from Boron Sand. which you get by combining 1 boron dust and 8 sand. not sure about the others but they’re probably similar

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That does not sound like something GT6 would automatically remove. Lemme check something, EDIT: nope not manually either.

None of the NTM glass types have any conditions to turn the recipe off. I could imagine that it might be some automated thing based off oredict since boron glass is only registered as blockGlass (since it’s near identical with clear glass), or maybe the recipe is broken in general in James’ fork.

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Wait but I am pretty sure i dont delete glass blocks automatically…

So the missing Recipe is a Furnace Recipe I am assuming?

What does Boron Sand smelt into in the broken version?

Edit: wait why the heck did i remove HBM furnace recipes wholesale… that is not right… (trying to find the reason i did that by removing the line that removes them all)

Edit: What the, now the Glass works, but it shouldn’t have been removed in the first place, because the output was not a valid prefix…

Edit: Okay I found the reason… I should’ve implemented that one better…


@TheBobcat uh when exactly do you register things to the OreDictionary? Because that is a preInit thing to do and somehow all my Stuff ignores your OreDict Registrations. I just want to make sure it is not my mistake before I dive into yet another Rabbit Hole…

Edit: Something in my Furnace Recipe Replacer ignores your Dusts but is perfectly fine with your Ingots…

Edit: Looking into your Code I noticed you really use the “Item” class directly, so it cant be any GT6 API based override either… what the heck is wrong with my Code to not recognize your Dusts…

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I think I may have accidentally put the ore dict registration into the Init event instead of PreInit (even though the second register call that registers the any prefix groups was in PreInit).

What do you mean by using the Item class directly? Does it matter if the furnace recipe uses Items or ItemStacks if the meta is 0 anyway?

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With Item class directly i mean you dont implement any of my item interfaces that COULD override Stuff. :wink:

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Same goes for your Ore Blocks too, they have the same Issue of me not recognizing them.

Right now my solution will be:

if (MD.HBM.owns(tRegName, "powder") || MD.HBM.owns(tRegName, "tile.ore")) tIterator.remove();

which is a String contains check, behind a check of “does the output thing have a known Material”, so it should no longer screw up all the Furnace Recipes and only hit the ones that I handle properly.

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