[Not related to game] Oh sh*t I was arranged by my family to intern at the equipment factory in the oilfield

I was arranged by my family to intern at a mechanical equipment factory in Dagang Oilfield, Tianjin. They said it was to help me gain social experience. Damn it, it’s completely unrelated to my major, and I don’t have any professional knowledge in this area, so I’m very worried. I’m afraid I won’t be able to adapt。
It may be hard for you to imagine that I haven’t attended any recognized educational institution for nearly ten years (because I have serious psychological problems that have prevented me from adapting to the school environment), so I haven’t had any academic qualifications for a long time (until I obtained a Chinese government recognized diploma in Chinese language and literature through a method called the “Higher Education Self study Examination”, but this diploma was terrible). And I have been living with my mother for a long time, basically all the time, so I am very afraid of leaving my parents, to the extent that they feel like I am a useless neet and my relationship with them has deteriorated, even to the point where my family is facing collapse in the past year.
This may be the first time in 21 years that I have truly left my parents. I am very scared and lack confidence in myself. I have some doubts that I can live in society without my parents, which is also the reason why I have always been unwilling to leave them.
At present, I don’t know my position, but it may be the development and maintenance of oilfield management software. If that’s the case, it’s better than going to the oil field filled with flammable and explosive substances under the scorching sun to maintain equipment that I completely don’t understand (I have been relatively weak since childhood and can’t do too tiring work).
I don’t know if I will continue to play GT and Mechaenetia in the future, nor do I know if I have learned anything useful for my work from GT (after all, the oil in the game is completely different from the real world), perhaps these things are really just entertainment. Anyway, playing Minecraft and GT has been a very happy time for me, and I really don’t want them to end.


Hrrm I dont know how internships work in China, but wouldn’t that just mean you work there for a week or a month to see how it is like?

Sending an obviously weak literature major to an oil company is quite shitty though, your parents are not going to be helpful in this regard.

Though I don’t know what advice I could give for this situation, since everything is different in Germany…

I do hope everything will go at least somewhat well for you.


Best of luck. Just remember that the same analytical skills you use in GT are useful in every part of life.

Also be selective of whose expectations you care to fulfill. Don’t try to please everyone at the expense of yourself.


This is the factory I am going to, producing oil pumps. The smell of lubricant in the workshop makes me feel a bit uncomfortable and very noisy…


Wow, I did not think Chinese Factories were that badly designed…

Is this an actual Pump Factory or a local rusty Steel Recycling Hut?! Or is it BOTH?!

If there wasn’t all the chinese writing everywhere, I would guess this could be a Russian child slavery camp, just judging by the quality standards or lack thereof…

As for the noise, I hope they provide earplugs, like is mandatory here in Germany for such a Factory, if not, you should honestly just leave.


The experience in the past few days has been terrible:

In the first week, I was not asked to go to work immediately, but was familiar with the environment there (the small factory lacked special training). Then, because I lacked social experience and did not understand the rules, I took pictures of the situation in the factory and sent them to Tiktok. The local supervision department saw the situation and asked for on-site inspection and rectification on the grounds of potential safety hazards in the factory. Afterwards, the factory found my video and requested it to be deleted, while also warning me not to post any further information about the situation inside the factory, as it may reveal trade secrets, etc. Fortunately, they saw that I was new and did not give me any more serious punishment.

I was visiting and studying on the lathe over there when I was splashed with cutting fluid from the lathe on my face. Fortunately, it did not cause any allergies or other problems. The reason why digital CCD lathes have not been fully adopted is because the CCD lathes over there are unable to process hard materials with a large amount of processing. Therefore, in this situation, it is necessary to first use a manual lathe to cut out a rough shape, and then quenching the results before using CCD precision machining.

Speaking of this, it suddenly occurred to me that I could add a fluid input slot to the lathe in the game for inputting cutting fluid or something (just like what I did with a magnetic separator). Although it may not be useful in the game, it can be used to something Tweaks.


When posting things like that make sure you cant easily be identified, otherwise you might get issues.

Also I would NOT recommend to stay there and work, if they react like this.

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It’s quite interesting seeing responses from two ends of the safety spectrum here, German background commenting on Chinese work environment.


Oh my god, I encountered a very dangerous acetylene backfire accident today, which scared me. I am still very scared even now.

In the afternoon, I went with another person to use an acetylene flame to anneal the two ends of the pipeline for easy processing. He was responsible for the operation, and I helped move and rotate the pipes again and again. After completing the work, there were no problems (although I knew it was dangerous and a bit afraid). Then the channel steel was cut again later, and as it was about to be cut, there were suddenly several explosions and backfires, causing the gas pipe to burn through. Fortunately, the valve was promptly closed without causing any more serious consequences.

Afterwards, he got a big burn on his wrist, and I wasn’t injured but was scared. This kind of thing is really terrible…


Two questions come to mind, What caused the explosions, and what could have been done to make the process safer?


Actrually, for the boss sometimes the cost to make the process safer is more than the money he should pay for staffs’ injury during the process.


looks like common old factory. Old workshops in my aircraft factory looks similar, but less of rusty steel.
About Russian child slavery camp… we call this country house. with 6-10 ares of land